Different Types of Bras

The Craziest Guidance for Different Types of Bra You Could Ever Get 

Many women share a love-hate relationship with bras. No matter how much you hate your bras, you cannot do anything without their support. Bras have evolved a lot since it’s first launched.

You also need to think about it. A French lady named Herminie Cadolle first invented bras in 1889 because she was frustrated with her camisoles and corsets. Since then, different types of bra styles have evolved in the market for different sizes, shapes, tastes, lifestyles, etc.  

What type of bra do I need
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You might not be spending more on your bras due to the pandemic and spending a lot of time indoors, but some people still wear them. When you’re at home and wondering how to sew a bra, read these easy beginner sewing projects and start making bras for yourself.

Do you know nearly 64% of women wear the wrong bra? In most cases, 70% of women know that they are wearing the wrong size. We all are doing something wrong when it comes to choosing the right types of bras.

To help you choose the right bra, here we have put together everything about the bras and tried to solve your most asked question, “what type of bra do I need?”.

10 Types of Bras Every Woman Should Own 

The days of not wearing your favorite dress because of the suitable types of bras aren’t gone yet. Imagine your breast pointing down south. This simple thought can damage your whole confidence—every woman dreams of having a nice-shaped and firm-looking breast. 

Different types of bras
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The bra is considered a boon for women who want to flaunt their bodies in an elegant manner. Over the years, bra style has changed a lot to meet the market requirement (read best sewing tips and tricks to make your own unique bra). Here is a simple guide on different types of bras available in the market.

Wired Bra

Wired bras are the ones that support the shape of your breast to create an eye-catching silhouette. These types of bras come with a metal underwire that is sewn into the cups using some advanced sewing techniques

You can get much support and lifted breasts with this bra style. Wired bras are available in demi coverage and full-coverage style.

Non-wired Bra

Types of bras
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A non-wired bra doesn’t have a metal underwire stitched in the cup, making them more flexible and easy to wear on regular days. The non-wired bra design comes with an elastic band and straps. 

These can offer much support to your breast, making it an ideal bra wear choice for a long period. They are made from cotton sewing fabric to give the utmost comfort.

Padded Bra

A padded bra is a type of bra that is crafted with padded cups or pockets where cups can be inserted. If you think of your regular bras, you will find that all types of bras can be padded. 

Padded bras can be worn anytime, anywhere, and most importantly with anything. This bra style is an ideal choice for women who have small boobs as it gives your nipple complete coverage. 

The padding in this bra is designed to add fullness to the bustline so that it can enhance the look of your bust. Padded bras are available both in wired and non-wired styles. 

Wired padded bras can give you a gentle lift, whereas non-wired padded bras are ideal for regular wear. You can also pair padded bras with different types of shirts for women available in the market. 

Non-padded Bra

Non padded bra
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As the name suggests, non-padded bras don’t come with additional padding in the cup. This bra has simple cups and has two or more layers of fabric used in it. If you have fuller breasts, then opt for non-padded bras. 

These types of bra styles don’t have pads, so you can feel that the bra is not underlining your breast and offers the right amount of support it needs.

Beginner’s Bra

The beginner’s bra is quite similar to the bandeau bra. These types of bras don’t have pads, hooks, or even wiring. They have a slip-on style to make a girl’s “first bra” experience happy and smooth.

Demi-cup Bra

Demi cup bras
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The cups that cover half the breast, demi-cup bras are excellent for a v-neck top. They give a natural look to your bust with the utmost comfort offered by the t-shirt bra. 

In this demi bra, the cups are half or smaller in size compared to the full cup bras. Demi-cup bras cover fewer areas of the breast but ensure that the nipples are fully covered.

Full Cover Bra

Full cover bras are other types of bras that give full coverage to the upper part of the breast. They give the utmost support and comfort if worn all day long. 

This bra style is perfect for women who have the heavier bust size and want to eliminate any movement in the bust. Women can also choose this bra style for their everyday wear as it provides complete coverage.

T-shirt Bra

Tshirt bra
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T-shirt bras are the must-have bras for women’s wardrobes. This bra style is all about comfort. Many women assume that t-shirt bras are padded bras, but it is not. 

These types of bras have smooth and seamless molded cups, making them an ideal choice for under-fitted outfits. T-shirt bras are great with t-shirts, but they can also be worn under any loose-fitting or form-fitting top.

T-shirt bras add rigidity and, based on your breast size, can give a minimized look. The whole idea behind the t-shirt bras is to take you far away from the fear of pop-out or double boob.

Sports Bra

A regular bra can support you throughout the day, but it doesn’t mean you can wear it during an intense workout. Sports bras are considered as much-have bras for any physical exercise. 

They are designed to offer different levels of support to the breast while minimizing the bounce effect. The right choice of sports bra depends on your fitness activity and the best-fitting style for your body. 

You should choose a high-impact sports bra if you have a long-running schedule, whereas a low-impact sports bra is ideal for hiking, yoga, or usual walk. In case you have big breasts, then try a different size sports bra at the store and move around to ensure it fits right on your body.

Tip: Run your finger under the bra’s brand you choose and between your breasts to ensure you can pull about an inch from the chest. Make sure the front strap is less stretchy since it is good for motion control.

Push Up Bra

All types of bras
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Push-up bras are designed to uplift your breasts. They push your breast inwards and upwards while giving a va-va-voom effect on coverage. The padding in the push-up bra is stitched at the center, which can drastically change the shape and look of the breast (Read more about sewing thread types and tips used in making bra).

Push-up bras help give a uniform look to asymmetrical bust shapes. If you’re a woman who still believes that women with bigger breast sizes cannot wear a push-up bra, then it’s wrong. 

Push-up bras do more than just making your breast fuller. They are great when you want to wear a low-neckline outfit. These bras are available in different designs and sizes, starting from A to E.

Discover All New Type of Bra for Gorgeous Look

Among all the different types of underwear for women available in the market, a bra is one of the most adorable lingerie. 

What type of bra to wear
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If you’re wondering “what type of bra should I wear,” then you’re landed on the right section. 

The new types of bras are made from high-quality delicate fabrics and elastics. They can be easily placed in the lingerie bag. There are many different styles and bra designs launched in the market for modern women. Here are the top 5 new styled bras.

Strapless Bra

Strapless bra
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Strapless bras are the types of bras for dresses that have no straps or come with the option of removable straps in the hooks for additional support. These bras give you all the support you get in a regular bra but come without a shoulder strap. 

Strapless bras support women’s bust via an underwire and anti-slip grip lining. They keep the bras from slipping. Make sure you wear a slightly loose dress near the chest and tighter near the waist to look more appealing. 

Balconette Bra

A balconette bra is also known as a balcony bra. They are another type of bra that has a horizontal cut at the top of the cups. These bras are perfect for giving you a nice-looking cleavage. 

Balconette bra is made from different types of fabrics such as lace, tulle, and satin. You can get any variations in this bra style so just check the varieties before deciding on one balconette bra style.


Bralette types of bras
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Have you ever heard about a bralette bra? A bralette bra is a non-wired, non-structured, and non-padded bra that can be lacy or thin. This bra can help you feel relaxed. 

With different stitching choices available for this bra, you can never feel like you’re wearing an undergarment (learn sewing hacks to make a stylish bra). 

While this bra offers the utmost comfort and coverage, it doesn’t offer much support. Bralette still offers a sexy look and is stitched with sheer materials such as lace. They are perfect for modern women and suitable for see-through dresses, backless tops, or almost any type of outfit.  

Longline Bra

Another sort of hybrid bra that ranges between a bra and a crop top is known as the longline bra. These bras extend lower around your belly button or over it based on the brand you choose. 

You can find different styles in a longline bra designed for different occasions starting from everyday wear to those special date nights. Longline bras also come in different types of polyester fabric to give them a more appealing look. 

Multi-ways Bra

Multiway bras different types of bras
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The multi-ways bras are one of the most versatile bras in the undergarment and lingerie. These bras come with removable straps that you can reattach in multiple ways. The bra straps can be worn:

Strapless: without any straps

Halter-neck: with a single strap covered the neck area

Traditional: regular strap style attached to front and back

Cross-back: with straps crossing across the neck

Plunge Bra

Plunge bra
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There are many different types of bras designed for different occasions. One just has to look around for the right type of bra to suit the outfit. These plunge bras are the ones that every woman needs all the time to avoid the struggle with deep cuts. 

Plunge bra styles have cups that are placed at super low places in the center with a plunging V-neckline. The cups in this bra are designed in such a way to make your cleavage look more appealing.

Lace Bra

Blue lace brassiere
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Lace looks classic, and women love to wear lace fabric on their bodies, particularly in undergarments. The lace type of fabric is utilized as an add-on layer in regular bras such as push-ups, padded bras, etc. 

Lace bras come in different variations, and they are known as fancy lingerie items. Unless you want to look your nipples pointy, check with the salesperson or talk to experts when you buy this flawless beauty. 

Halter Bra

A halter bra is one of the ideal bras that can be styled with halter tops, strapless dresses, tubes, or racerback types of t-shirts. If you don’t want to go for strapless bras or bandeaus, the halter bra is a perfect choice. 

The strap’s design is quite similar to the halter tops. Women who have bigger breasts should avoid halter bras since the ideal source of support is your neck. 

Stick On Bra

Stick on bras
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When you go shopping and see some attractive dresses, the first thought that comes into your mind is, “what are the types of bras I should wear under this dress.” Sometimes the shape, necklines, and bodice are so fancy that you often find it challenging to match the right bra type. 

That’s when you need a stick-on bra. Stick-on adhesive bra is another strapless bra that comes without a band. You can just stick them on your breasts for support and coverage. 

These bras give coverage to your nipples. If you’re wearing something backless and a dress with exposed shoulders, consider wearing stick-on bras. Choose stick-on bras that come with woven labels for a better understanding of the brand and quality of the product. 

Racerback Bra

Racerback bra is the simplest bra type. These new style bras have a central strap or just two crisscrossing straps that create the shape of V or Y between your shoulder blades. The way the straps hover around the collarbone is more discreet than a regular bra style. 

Racerback bras are designed to distribute the weight in an even way on the shoulders and back. These bras are types of clothing aesthetics that can be worn with sleeveless tops and cold-shoulder t-shirts.

An Ultimate List of Types of Bra Shapes According to Your Breast

The five finger’s shape can never be the same, and the same rule applies when it comes to breasts. Do you know that the shape of your breast can affect your bra style? 

Different shapes of bras
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Just like your body shape, your breast shape can be different. Here are eight different types of bra shapes according to your breast. You can also learn to sew a bra to suit your body shape. Read top 10 reasons to start sewing clothes for some motivation. 


Many women have asymmetrically shaped breasts. In this breast shape category, both breasts are not of the same size. For this breast type, you can choose a plunge bra or spacer bra. 

These bra shapes come with concealing cups that can give an illusion of asymmetrical breasts.

East West

If your breasts gravitate outwards, then they fit into the east-west breast shape category. In this category, nipples are pointing in two different directions, leaving more space in the center. 

If that’s the case with your breast, then you can call yourself the east-west girl. A t-shirt bra can do wonders for an east-west girl. Right from shaping your breast to bringing them closer, these t-shirt bra shapes can become your best friend.


Cup gaping seems to be a common problem for athletic breast shapes because of the lack of volume up in the top area. A plunge or Racerback bra shape is ideal for firm breasts.       


Types of breast shape relaxed
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Lifting support is crucial for relaxed breast shapes. T-shirt and Balconette bra shapes are ideal for relaxed breasts. These types of bra shapes come with wires that go all along the bottom area of the breast to give the utmost comfort in the cup.

Side Set

Women whose breasts fall under this category have a pretty similar shape to the east-west. The considerable difference between these two is that the side set shapes have much more space between the breast than east-west breasts. 

A balconette bra is an ideal bra shape for the side by side breast category since they are designed with a wide set strap and a much broader neckline along with demi cups.


Bras and breast shapes
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Bell-shaped breasts are round and full, but they have a slight bell shape at the bottom part. T-shirt bras are ideal for bell-shaped breasts. The wire and cup support in t-shirt bras can uplift your breast and let them sit in the bra cup where they belong. 

Full coverage bras will also work best for bell-shaped breasts since they can prevent unwanted spillage.


Women who have longer breast sizes fall under the slender category. They have a small cup size which is slimmer at the top and looks a bit fuller at the bottom part. 

The most suitable type of bra shape for this category is the underwired plunge padded bra. They can lift your breasts, and plunge necklines can help in creating an eye-catching cleavage.


Bra types to suit every breast shape
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Round breast shapes are known as god-gifted breasts. If you have a breast that seems to be round and fuller at the top and bottom, you can call yourself god’s favorite child. 

All types of bra shapes are suitable for round breasts. You have got the privilege to go and explore different types of bras to wear with different tops.

Other types of bra

These are the bra types that are the most popular. But there are some other bra types that are also popular, such as:

  • maternity bra
  • seamless bra
  • nursing bra
  • minimizer bra
  • backless bra
  • peephole bra
  • mastectomy bra
  • triangle bra, etc.

3 Different Types of Bra Straps You Should Have

Choosing the right type of bra strap is essential because of the ease and quality they offer. Here are three types of bra straps you should keep for different occasions.

Different types of bra straps
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Detachable Bra Straps

Many bras come with loops on the top to attach and detach straps. So, if you have a bra that has lost its elasticity, you don’t have to throw it away. 

Just grab a new pair of detachable bra straps and match it with your favorite bra with the same old comfort. The main feature of these detachable straps is that they can be worn in a different style to meet your outfit demand.

Transparent Bra Straps

Now you can wear off-shoulder, backless, tube dresses, and tops with simple, transparent bra straps. They are pretty similar to your regular straps but come in plastic. 

Since they are transparent, they can go invisible with your skin and meet your outfit demand. Show your beautiful body and say no to ugly-looking straps.

Designer Bra Straps

Designer bra straps
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You can buy some designer bra straps that come with hang tags and care labels and customize them with glittery stones or peppy ones. Choose a racerback bra and design it with cute butterflies for a more appealing look.

4 Common Types of Bra Backs You Need for Every Outfit

How many types of bras are there that come with stylish backs? There are many more things to think about when it comes to choosing a bra. 

The bra back you choose plays an important role in the way the bra fits your body. Here are four common types of bra backs you should know.

U-shaped Bra Back

U-shaped back type of bra
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U-shaped back is also known as leotard bra back style. These types of bras for different shirts and dresses are suitable for full-busted women. 

They form the shape of U and have wideband and deeper wings, providing more bustline support. The straps are placed closer to the arms and thus, show more cleavage than any other back style.

Square Back

What are the types of bras
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A band and wings that cut straight across the back are called square bra back style. These bra straps meet the band at the right angle so that you can wear them with utmost comfort. 

They are affordable to create and thus, can be found at a lower price.

Convertible Multi-way Back

These convertible bra backs have horizontal bands which look like a square back. The deep and extra firm wings keep the breast where it belongs without needing the straps.


V-back type of bra
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A V-back bra has straps that are angled towards the bra closer and make a v-shape. They are an ideal choice for anyone who has a narrow or sloping shoulder. Many v-neck bras are made from different types of silk fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of bra is suitable for everyday wear?

A basic T-shirt bra proves to be a fantastic option for everyday wear. Crafted from gentle fabric, its full-coverage cups effectively prevent any spillage. This bra is entirely free of wires and padding, making it perfect for your daily needs.

What are the signs that my bra isn’t the right fit?

Below are several indicators that can assist you in recognizing an ill-fitting bra:

  • The back band rides up
  • Breasts overflow
  • Straps dig into the skin
  • Straps slide off the shoulders
  • Cups have gaps

What are seamed cups in bras?

Seamed cups in bras refer to cups that are constructed using multiple pieces of fabric stitched together. These seams can provide shape, support, perfect bra fitting, and a more natural contour to the breasts. They are often used in full-coverage and balconette bras to accommodate different breast shapes and sizes.


There you have it – a complete guide on different types of bras. Don’t be overwhelmed with all this information. Start reading 35 intermediate sewing projects to get more information on bras. 

Just make sure you pick the right types of bras for yourself and match them with your outfit. 

Some of the above-listed bras are must-haves, and some are bare essentials, while others are for those special moments. Go through this intense guide, and you’ll have all the knowledge you need for your next bra shopping.