Difference between knit and woven fabric

What’s the difference between knit and woven fabric? Almost all fabrics can be classified into two types. They are knit and woven fabric. Even though people use the terms, only a few ones know their meaning. To know the difference between knit and woven fabric, you have to study the pros and cons of both of them.

What is knit fabric?

Knitting is the process used in producing knit fabrics. With the use of needles, you can easily create one. Within a small amount of money, you can get all the materials that you need. There are different kinds of knit fabric. Out of all of them, two are popular. As warp knits are popular, weft knits are also popular.

There are two main procedures in making them. As the weft knits are made by a yarn moving horizontally, warp knits are made by a yarn moving vertically. As a result of that, the fabrics would be in two different textures.

Benefits of knit fabric


Knit fabric is known for its flexibility. Unlike woven fabric types, it is quite flexible. Since it has a loop structure, it can be easily divided into various segments. That is the main reason the knit fabric is used in making socks and hats.


If you’re a bodybuilder, you might need clothes that would help you show off your physique. Knit fabric is perfect for that. Even if you don’t show too much skin, it would still bring out your physique. You can also stretch it as you like. That is why it is the perfect form-fitting cloth for anyone. You don’t even need to use hooks and buttons. To improve the branding of your clothes, you should design woven tags.


Whenever you wear a dress made of cotton, you’re going to feel comfortable. Just like cotton, you will feel comfortable in all the other knit fabrics. During winter, you’re going to feel warm while wearing wool. You might even start to feel sleepy frequently. Things are different during the summer. Since the texture of cotton is a little bit breezy, you’re going to feel cool. In conclusion, you will feel good in all weather conditions.

Absorbs Moisture

Knit fabric accepts moisture easily. The ones that are made from plants even absorb moisture better than the others. Out of all knit fabric, cotton is the most popular. It can absorb moisture that is 27 times heavier than itself. The main reason for this is the looped structure. Since there are fragments in loops, they can absorb and store liquid easily. That is why a knit fabric can still make you feel warm during winter.

Convenient care

Maintaining knit fabrics is quite easy. If you’re busy, you can even wash it with a machine. On the other hand, you can wash it yourself. You just need to use a mild soap. You should also wash it gently.

Out of all knit fabrics, polyester and cotton are the easiest to clean. Things are different with wool. If you want to wash it, you have to go for certain ingredients. As you use warm water, you should also use liquid soap. Other ingredients might not give it a good wash. To keep it in shape, you have to air dry wool.

What is woven fabric?

To create woven fabrics, you have to weave a lot of threads. After interlacing different yarns, you should weft in a perpendicular direction. That is how to get the right structure. Woven fabric can be made from bamboo, polyester, and the likes. There are a lot of woven fabric types. The most popular ones are denim, chiffon, tweed, silk, and the likes. You can only stretch woven fabric in a diagonal direction. If there are spandex and other similar things available, they can even stretch better.

Benefits of woven fabric


Since the structure of the woven fabric is sturdy, it can’t shrink. You will also find it difficult to stretch woven fabric. Even if you put on woven fabric to show off your physique, it won’t spoil after washing it a few times. Woven fabric can remain in shape for a long period. That is why it is known as one of the most quality clothing. With the use of hangtags, people can easily identify your clothes anywhere.

Perfect for work

Since washing doesn’t spoil the shape of woven fabric, they are the perfect work materials. As you can put on silk to work, you can also put on your denim. It all depends on your environment. You won’t have to worry about getting new outfits.


As stated earlier, woven fabric has a nice structure. That is why you can use them for a long period. The majority of the time, you will even notice that your denim pants last longer than your t-shirts. Out of all fabrics, woven ones are the most durable. They are even more durable than modal. You should consider making care labels to improve the branding of your products.

Knit vs woven fabric

After a pattern has been picked out, you should be ready to sew perfectly. If you don’t have much experience, you might be confused. All you have to do is follow the directions. You will be able to figure out the right fabric to use. You can either use a knit or woven fabric. At times, you will be disappointed to find out the print you planned to use is not good for your sewing project. You just have to carry out some tests. The results of the test would help you make the right decision.

To know the difference between knit and woven fabric, you have to study the yarn. You can also study the thread that was used to compose them. What is knit fabric? In a knit fabric, you can only find one yarn. To get a perfect braided look, the single yarn would be looped. What is woven fabric? In woven fabrics, you will find multiple yarns. The yarns are crossed at right angles. That is how the grains are formed.

Knit vs woven fabric? A unique and simple way to know the difference between knit and woven fabric is by stretching. Knit fabrics can be easily stretched. As it can easily stretch in width, it might not stretch much in length. If you stretch it too much, the shape might even become damaged. As a woven fabric would rarely stretch in width, it can stretch in length.

Another unique way to measure fabrics is by using the wrinkle test. All you have to do is cut out a small part of your fabric. Then proceed to ball it up. If it makes an effect on the smoothness of your shape, there is a high chance that it is knit. If the creases don’t move at all, there is a high chance that it is woven. If you’re still unable to arrive at a conclusion, you should perform the fray test. To avoid curling, you have to apply glue. The application should be made on flat knits. You can place it on the edge.