10 Best Brother Embroidery Machines In 2023

Learn more about different Brother embroidery machines and start your own home embroidery business!

Embroidery machines come in many shapes and sizes. All of them serve the same purpose – to embroider clothes. Embroidery makes clothes look better by adding different colored threads and designs. 

If you are someone who loves embroidery too much, having an embroidery machine is quite important. It makes your work easier, and faster because of all the technology and mechanical advancements in embroidery machines.

Today there are thousands of companies and embroidery machines available in the market, but a handful of such companies have shined through all the years. One such company is Brother. 

The company manufactures various mechanical machines ranging from printers and copier machines to sewing machines and more. It has manufactured some of the best machines in the industry and continues to do so with extensive research and fine-tuning.

As we advance, we will focus on the Brother embroidery machines, why you should choose them, what are the things you should consider while buying an embroidery machine, and many more. 

Let’s get started with why you should choose Brother embroidery sewing machines. 

Why Should You Choose Brother Embroidery Sewing Machine?

Brother embroidery machines

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Brother manufactures and sells some of the best embroidery sewing machine the world has ever seen. It makes industrial and home use machines and all of them are excellent. 

Wondering why you should buy a Brother embroidery machine? Take a look at the below points that might help you make a decision. 


Brother manufactures all sorts of sewing machines, and they have one thing in common—each machine is powerful in its own way. 

Whether you buy a commercial embroidery machine to sew multiple fabric layers or a home machine that you will use to make some small stitches, they are powerful enough to slide through all tasks you throw at them. 

The best thing? If you want to give a professional touch to your handmade embroidery pieces, then you can apply high-quality woven labels, hang tags, and care labels. It’s so easy to apply these clothing labels using embroidery sewing machines, it even gives you the freedom to make your own custom designs! 


Most Brother embroidery sewing machine come with an all-metal build which is always a long-lasting material to use. 

Metal parts don’t break or have wear-off effects due to regular usage, making them last much longer than embroidery machines with plastic parts. 

Each Brother embroidery machine is accompanied by a 25-year warranty for various parts, and this makes repair and maintenance easy and carefree. 

Brother embroidery

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Brother is an innovative brand in sewing machine manufacturing, and it shows up in the tech used in their machines. 

Most embroidery machine Brother brands come with auto-threading, LCD touch screens that allow you to view your embroidery pattern vividly before stitching, lights, StitchVision Projector, and many other tech features that make them advanced and make sewing and embroidery work easy for everyone who uses them. 


If you are someone new to embroidery and sewing, the process may seem intimidating; however, don’t let that bring your spirits down and scare you into giving up because Brother provides the finest beginner friendly embroidery machines.

Most of their machines already come integrated with over 80 embroidery patterns; however, you can add your own designs too by using a USB port.

Simple starter projects are also available which you can follow using their machine to create your own custom designs or you can even follow their six-step embroidery tutorial to get started on your very first embroidery pattern.


Brother embroidery machines provide top-notch quality at a price that won’t break the bank. If you are tight on budget and still want the best embroidery machine, the cheapest starts under $500, which is a good value considering all the useful features  

Brother machines provide, which are listed below. Your embroidery journey must start from somewhere, so why not begin with a machine that is both affordable and will last you for years?

Consideration Before Purchasing Brother Sewing Embroidery Machine

Considerations before buying Brother sewing embroidery machine

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After knowing why you should choose Brother sewing embroidery machine, you might be excited to buy one for yourself to get started on your custom design or embroidery project. 

Before you make that decision, you should know a few things to look for. Here are a few things to help you make the right purchase decision. 

Embroidery or Multi-purpose Sewing Machine

Today sewing and embroidery machines are quite advanced, and they can accommodate both features in a single system. 

Sometimes due to the nature of your work, you have to choose whether to buy an embroidery or multi-purpose sewing machine.

An embroidery sewing machine can be a great choice if you do embroidery work all day. Choosing such a machine can provide better embroidery options and make your day-to-day tasks easier.

If you do embroidery as a hobby and do more sewing work, then a multi-purpose sewing machine will suit your needs better.

Before you start browsing shops, understand the machine used to find your ideal sewing machine. 

Design Transfer System

Brother embroidery sewing machines

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Every embroidery machine needs to have a way to transfer designs to the machine for making embroidery. Knowing your machine’s design transfer system is important before you make the purchase, as it will decide the type of designs you can make with the machine.

In the past, embroidery machines came with card support for embroidery designs where you could place a design card, and the machine would follow it to make the design. Newer machines come with better design systems like USB transfer, and direct WiFi design transfer.

Using the USB transfer method, you can load your embroidery designs on a USB stick and transfer them to the embroidery machine in no time. 

If you want an even faster way to transfer designs, you can do it with a WiFi connection if the new brother embroidery machine supports it.

While choosing the embroidery machine, you should choose a machine with advanced design transfer systems like WiFi and USB. It will make your design transferring and embroidery process easier. 

Jump Stitch Trimming

Anyone who does embroidery knows jump stitches and how bad they look if they are left as it is. Jump stitches are manageable if the designs are fewer and you have sharper eyesight. 

You can remove the jump stitches by hand if you work on smaller designs, but it gets hard when working on larger designs.

Today many Brother embroidery machines come with jump stitch trimming, and that makes your life a lot easier. If you are going to do a lot of embroidery, then having a jump-stitch trimming system will help a lot. 

Automatic Needle Threader

An automatic needle threader is a lifesaver for people with bad eyesight and hand dexterity. Such a Brother embroidery system makes threading your embroidery and sewing machines easy. 

It comes with a lever where you can put the thread once, and then you can release the system, which will auto-thread your machine and get it ready for sewing.

While you check out new Brother embroidery sewing machine models, find out whether the machine provides an automatic needle threader. You may consider buying that machine to ease your tasks if it provides that feature. 


Budget is one of the most important things to consider when buying embroidery machines. Brother is a brand that manufactures industrial as well as home use sewing and embroidery machines. 

It is natural that the catalog will have machines of varying prices. You may end up loving an expensive machine, and buying it can blow your pocket big if it is well above your budget. 

If you already have a budget defined for your embroidery machine purchase, you can save yourself from disappointment.

With a budget in place, you can filter out brother embroidery machine prices that are over your budget. You can also make the decision a lot easier by focusing on relevant items. 

Top Brother Sewing And Embroidery Machine Reviews

Top Brother embroidery and sewing machines reviews

Image Source: Popular Science

Brother is a 115-year-old corporation that excels in manufacturing electrical and computerized equipment. It has manufactured and marketed some of the most loved sewing and embroidery machines in the market.

If you are going to buy a Brother sewing and embroidery machine, why not have a look at the top machines from the brand?

Let’s discuss some of the most loved machines below. 

Brother SE1900 Sewing And Embroidery Machine

Top rated Brother embroidery machines

Image Source: Sewing Pattern Review

The Brother SE1900 is one of the most feature-rich and excellent multi-purpose machines. It is a machine that can handle any type of sewing and embroidery task with a breeze. 

The machine comes with a fantastic 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen which acts as a control panel for the machine and provides easy access to all the features of the sewing machine.

The machine also comes with 240 built-in stitch styles, 11 different font styles, and built-in memory so that you can import and save your embroidery designs with utmost ease.

The Brother SE1900 machine is helpful to make your workflow faster as it has a stitch speed of 650 stitches per minute, multiple built-in frames, and easy-to-use settings.

Weight: 22.1 pounds

Built-in stitches: 240

Embroidery designs: 138



LCD touchscreen display

Not ideal for beginners

Built-in memory for personal and custom designs and stitches


Built-in memory for imported designs


Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

If you are someone who is just starting out with embroidery and want to get better at work in the future, you should consider getting a Brother PE535 embroidery machine.

Weighing 14 pounds, this portable embroidery machine can be carried anywhere with you to create excellent embroidery designs

It comes with a body made of plastic and metal, and both materials are hard enough to sustain the machine for many years.

These Brother home embroidery machines come with an LCD touch screen and 80 in-built embroidery designs that you can use on all your clothes.

If you want to learn to sew and add new designs to the machine, it is pretty simple to do so with the USB port and LCD touchscreen. Brother PE535 also comes with a needle threader that will supercharge your workflows by automating the threading process.

You also get 80 in-built stitch designs; the embroidery machine can make up to 400 stitches every minute.

Get ready to have a high-speed and full variety of embroidery experiences on this machine.


    • Nine font styles
    • 80 built-in designs
    • Large LCD touchscreen
    • Built-in tutorials
    • English/Spanish manual included




Small hoop size

Easy to use


High-quality stitches


High resale value


Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine

Brother embroidery machines guide

Image Source: Brother 

Combinational machines are always preferred over machines that serve a single purpose, and Brother SE625 is another combinational machine on this list. This machine can handle complex embroidery and stitching tasks with maximum ease.

Weighing 14 pounds, this Brother combinational machine comes with 80 embroidery designs pre-loaded, and you can add more designs using the USB port. Being a combinational machine, this sewing machine comes with 103 stitch designs and 10 buttonhole options. You can always try something new in your project; still, there will be many things to experiment with.

This is a superfast machine, and you can make 710 stitches per minute by using the machine to its full potential. This machine has many different features similar to a babylock embroidery machine, and all of them can be controlled using the vivid LCD touchscreen on the body.

Brother SE625 is an inexpensive machine, and one of the best options for people who want to own a machine that can sew and embroider at the same time.

Primary Features:

    • 4” X 4” embroidery field
    • 280 embroidery designs
    • Large LCD touchscreen display
    • 103 built-in sewing stitches
    • Seven sewing feet



A great value combination

No embroidery software included

Can Import designs

Slow embroidery speed

Automatic needle threader


Automatic thread cutter


Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE770 is an embroidery machine for beginners who are devoted to embroidery work. It is a fantastic machine that comes with 136 pre-loaded embroidery designs and six lettering fonts. 

You can always expand your collection of lettering fonts and embroidery designs by adding more of them using the USB port.

The machine keeps up with other Brother innovis embroidery machine by making 650 stitches every minute. It comes with a bright LCD display which can help you customize the settings and features on the machine.

If you like to edit and create perfect designs after they are loaded on the embroidery machine, this machine also has a powerful editor. The editor can be used to edit designs once they are loaded on the machine.

The machine has an automatic needle threader and thread trimmer to supercharge your embroidery workflows. 

While the first feature helps you thread the machine and get it ready for sewing, the second feature helps you get rid of extra threads just as you complete your design.



Embroidery designs

136, including quilt patterns, florals, and border styles

Built-in memory


USB Port


Maximum embroidery area

5” X 7”

Automatic thread cutting



40-weight, 600-yard double spool


2/6/25 year premium warranty

Brother SE600 Sewing And Embroidery Machine

Brother sewing and embroidery machines

Image Source: DIY Craft Club

Weighing at just 14 Lbs, the Brother SE600 is a sewing and embroidery machine suitable for all kinds of work. It comes with 80 embroidery designs and 103 stitching options, so you never have to worry about anything.

You can always add new designs to the machine using the built-in USB port on the panels.

It is a superfast machine that can make up to 710 stitches per minute at its full capacity. It also comes with 10 buttonhole stitch options so that you can make different buttonhole stitches on your clothes.



Excellent value embroidery machine

Small embroidery field

An upgraded version of SE400

Need to purchase embroidery software

Preview of stitches function available


An automatic needle threader


Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

Brother PE550D is a cheap and value-for-money embroidery machine with some superb features. The machine comes pre-loaded with 125 embroidery design patterns to use in your projects. 

If you love Disney, this is a great embroidery machine as it has almost 45 design patterns based on Disney designs and characters.

This machine also comes with nine font styles and a 3.2-inch LCD touch screen, the embroidery machine’s control panel. The LCD screen provides design editing options, and you can also load more of your own designs into the machine using the USB port.



Easy to operate, intuitive interface

Single embroidery hoop size

125 built-in embroidery stitches

Limited working area

LCD display


Accessory box included


The bi-lingual operations manual included


Durable and comes with a 25-year warranty


Small, compact, and lightweight


Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine

Brother sewing embroidery machines

Image Source: Kamala Embroidery

Brother SE400 is a computer embroidery machine that is cheap and packed with exciting features. It comes with 67 built-in stitches for all your sewing tasks and 120 framing patterns that make embroidery work easy.

The company also provides five embroidery fonts and 70 pre-loaded embroidery patterns, and this collection can be expanded by adding more designs using the USB port. 

Brother SE400 is an embroidery and sewing machine, for starters, as it provides tutorials on how to use the machine in the most efficient manner on the LCD touchscreen itself.

Compared to Brother PE 150 embroidery machine, this machine provides automatic threader and trimmer features, making working on complex designs easier.


    • 67 built-in stitches
    • 5 lettering fonts
    • Back-lit LCD display
    • Free arm design
    • Computerized sewing
    • Automatic needle threader
    • Automatic thread cutter
    • 70 built-in designs



Easy to use


Combination machine


Easy to set up


Brother SE2000 Embroidery Machine

Brother SE2000 is another combinational machine on this list that supports embroidery and sewing tasks. It stitches at a high speed of 850 stitches per minute and comes with 103 stitch designs. 

The machine also has a catalog of 193 embroidery designs that can be accessed and used by the LCD touchscreen, and you can add more by accessing the USB port of the machine.

Once you have finalized the design to work with, the machine can provide you with basic editing features to enhance the overall output of your embroidery design.



Embroidery Field


Stitch Options

241 stitches, 10 buttonhole options

Maximum Sewing Speed

850 stitches per minute

Embroidery Designs

193 designs and 13 fonts

Design Transfer

Wi-Fi or USB

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother embroidery machines and their prices

Image Source: The Spruce Crafts

Brother PE800 is a lightweight embroidery machine that can help you accomplish almost all embroidery tasks. It is more of a beginner’s tool but still comes with 138 preloaded designs and 11 font styles. 

The Brother embroidery machine PE800 also has 14 border styles and 10 frame shapes.

With so many design patterns and a 650-per-minute stitch speed, you are set for a great embroidery experience with this Brother 800 embroidery machine.

The best part about this embroidery machine is that it is still cheaper than some of the other Brother 6 needle embroidery machines.



Embroidery design

138 designs

USB connection

Built-in USB port

Embroidery field

5” X 7”

Maximum embroidery speed

650 SPM



Fast and reliable

Just for embroidery purposes

Can do monogram and stitch design at the same time


Affordable embroidery machine


Best for small home business


Easy to operate


Brother 10 Needle Embroidery Machine

Brother 10 needle embroidery machine is an embroidery machine for professional usage. One of the most vivid features of this machine is the 10 needles that can be used for working on large embroidery projects.

This 10 needle Brother embroidery machine also comes with an in-built camera that can help you have a look at your designs as they come to life. 

The machine also has a mobile app from where you can check the progress and control some features of it while you are away from the embroidery machine.



Exclusive brother quiltbroidery features

Manual thread tension

10 needle embroidery machine


Mobile-app connectivity for stitch monitoring and transferring of images


Easy embroidery positioning with a camera sensor system


LCD display screen


Comparison Between the Best Brother Embroidery Machine Models

Comparison between best Brother embroidery machines

Image Source: Arlington Sew

Wondering which brother embroidery machine is the best?

The best Brother embroidery machine for you is the one that does what you need it to do without getting in your way.

We know that’s not as catchy as “the one that does it all,” but it’s more accurate. You don’t need a machine that does everything. There’s no such thing—and it wouldn’t be perfect even if there were. 

People are different: we have different tastes, needs, and budgets. What works for one person might not be right for another.

Brother has been producing quality embroidery machines for decades. They have a wide range of products available, from entry-level models to high-end units that can handle large amounts of thread at once. It’s hard to choose the one that meets your needs.

So here’s a quick comparison chart of the four best Brother embroidery machines on the market today:


Embroidery features

Sewing features



Brother PE535

400 spm

9 Fonts

80 Designs

4″ x 4″ Area

– 16.5″ x 7.8″

x 12″

10.82 lbs

– 125mm/ 5″

Arm Length

Speed Control




Brother SE600

80 Designs

400 spm

11 Fonts

4″ x 4″ Area

103 Stitches

710 spm

7mm Width

10 Buttonholes

– 21.2″ x15.5″


11.82 lbs

– 163mm/ 6.4.”

Arm Length

– On-Screen


Free Arm

– Speed Control

Brother SE1900

11 Fonts

138 Designs

650 spm*

5″ x 7″ Area*

240 Stitches

850 spm

7mm Width

10 Buttonholes

– 17.6″ x9.5″


– 163mm/ 6.4″

Arm Length

22.05 lbs

– Speed Control

– Free Arm


Brother PE800

11 Fonts

850 spm

138 Designs

5″ x 7″ Area

– 21.8″ x19″


– 210mm/ 8.3″

Arm Length

– 13.74 lbs

Speed Control




FAQs Related to the Brother Embroidery Machines

Best Brother embroidery machines

Image Source: PR Newswire

Brother embroidery machines are pack-leading, easy to use, and reliable.

Confused about what is the best brother embroidery machine for you? Look at our FAQs below to learn more about Brother Embroidery machine models. 

Is Brother a Reputable Brand?

Yes! Brother has been manufacturing sewing machines since 1908, so they have some expertise. They are well-known for producing high-quality, long-lasting items. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Brother Embroidery Machine?

Brother machines are inexpensive, simple to operate, and easy to maintain. These include features like free embroidery software, free-motion stitching, built-in LED lights to help you see what you’re doing even in low light, and an automated needle threader to make threading quick and easy. 

If it has a USB connection, you may connect it to your computer and transfer designs without attaching any wires or cords! 

New Brother embroidery machines

Image Source: Siser

Are Brother Embroidery Machines Hard to Use?

Short answer: no. Long answer: not at all. For starters, there are a lot of different types of Brother embroidery machines. 

It’s essential to choose the right one for your needs. Once you’ve got the right machine for you, it’s pretty straightforward—just plug in the power cord and get going! 

How Do You Thread a Brother Sewing Machine?

Threading your Brother sewing machine is easy. Just follow these steps:

    1. Open the top of the machine by turning it counterclockwise.
    2. Remove the bobbin case by pulling it out of its slot in the case holder at the bottom of the machine.
    3. Slide a new bobbin into its slot, making sure that its side with two pins is facing up (this will ensure that it sits in the correct way).
    4. Put some thread through one of the holes in the bobbin case and pull it through until there’s enough length left to tie a knot at one end. Then tie a knot there and cut off any excess thread with scissors or nail clippers, so you don’t get tangled in it while sewing! 

Are Brother Sewing Embroidery Machines Good for Beginners?


Are you interested in learning how to sew? Don’t want to spend too much money on an expensive model just yet because you’re not sure if it’ll stick with you over time? Or not sure about whether or not you’ll even like sewing? Choose Brother sewing machines. 

Brother makes great affordable models that will help you learn everything with ease. 

What is the Price of a Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine?

Brother sewing and embroidery machines are well-known for their low cost. A good Brother sewing machine may be had for less than $300. 

These are not some cheap gizmo that will break down in three months. These machines will last you for years and will accomplish whatever you want of them. 

Brother home embroidery machines

Image Source: Hello Sewing

What Is the Best Brother Embroidery Machine for Beginners?

The best Brother embroidery machine to start with is the Brother 1900. It’s a great machine for beginners because it has all the basics of an embroidery machine and is easy to use. 

The Brother 1900 will let you create full-color designs, which you can then transfer onto almost any fabric. You can also use this machine to make monochrome designs with only one color available. 

Why Would I Want an Embroidery Machine?

There are so many reasons! You can customize your own clothing with designs or quotes. That means something special to you or take inspiration from the world around you by adding your favorite song lyrics or quotes from your favorite authors onto your clothes. 

It’s also great for making gifts for friends or family members. If you’re looking to make some extra money on the side while working from home, this is a great option as well! 

Where to Buy Brother Embroidery Machine?

The best way to buy an embroidery machine is where you can find the best deal. For example, Amazon and eBay both sell Brother embroidery machines. If you’re looking for a specific model, you should go to the official Brother website.

Whenever you buy a used Brother embroidery machine, be sure it comes with the original box and all attachments. If possible, get an extended warranty on your purchase so that if anything goes wrong with your new equipment after you buy it, you’ll be protected! 

Who Sells Brother Embroidery Machines?

Brother is a well-known sewing brand; their embroidery machines are no exception. They provide several models to meet a broad demand and budget.

Brother embroidery machines are available at many retailers, including Amazon, Target, and Walmart. You can also purchase them online through the manufacturer’s official website (Brother-usa.com). 

Which Brother embroidery machine is the best

Image Source: Brother


Brother has been manufacturing high-quality embroidery machines for almost 30 years, so it’s no wonder they remain one of the industry’s leading brands. These machines are reliable and simple to use, and they have a range of options that let you tailor your stitching experience to your preferences.

You can make your life easier and more enjoyable by using a Brother embroidery machine. You will be able to develop tasks that appeared unachievable before this machine technology, and advanced features became available.

With so many models available, we hope this guide has assisted you in finding the finest Brother embroidery machine for your needs.

Have fun embroidering with them and make some incredible items!