23+ best sewing tips and tricks

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, you can always learn more and improve in your craft. There is no uniform way to sew clothes. As someone sews a gown for 30 minutes, another person might sew the same thing for a time lesser then that. It all depends on the sewing tips and tricks that you use. To sew better and faster, you should study the sewing tips listed below

Replace your needle frequently

After some time, it is normal for your sewing machine to develop faults. If a loose top is used in sewing, you have to unthread. The two things you will unthread are the bobbin and spool. Then you should rethread them again. Another fault common to the sewing machine is jostling. Some machines can even jostle a thread out of their position. At times, it might even be little things that will result in such a problem. All you have to do is remove the needle and replace it with a new one.

Clean your sewing machine annually

It is one of the sewing tricks that can help you to work more efficiently. Even if your sewing machine doesn’t develop any fault, you should always take care of it well. After every year, you should take it to someone that repairs machines. The person would help you clean, adjust, and replace everything that needs to be changed. If those small issues are not solved at an early stage, they might lead to big faults.

If you can’t find someone that repairs sewing machines, you can visit stores where sewing machines are sold. Even if they don’t have one with them, they would refer you to an expert elsewhere.

Learn how to batch sew

If you want to sew similar patterns, you have to batch sew the assembly line of your project. When you are batch sewing, you have to put the thread color and piece into consideration. If you’re able to learn how to batch sew, you won’t only work faster. Your work would be more accurate. Learning how to batch sew is one of the quick sewing tips.

Make use of bias tape makers

Since the process of making bias tape can be painful, you should consider the other alternative available. To make it a lot easier, you just have to employ the use of bias tape makers. The first step is to cut your fabric properly. The width should be the same as that of the bias tape maker you’re using. To get the complete set of things you need, you should always purchase a bias tape maker kit. You will find an awl inside. For moving the fabric, an awl should be used.

Make use of sewing gage

If you want to turn even seams properly, you have to use a sewing gage. Sewing gages are made in different styles. So you will be able to choose from a lot of options.

Wear ruler bracelets

If you don’t want to use a sewing gage, you should make use of ruler bracelets. Since there are different sizes available, you should purchase the one that fits you. It is one of the best sewing tips that you can practice.

Make use of magnetic pincushions

With a magnetic pin cushion, you’re not going to lose anyone of your pins. Even though there are a lot of pincushions available, the magnetic one is the best. It can even hold straight pins. Even when you lost pins, you can find them faster with pincushions.

Purchase all-purpose thread colors

There are a lot of thread colors available. If you keep buying different colors for different projects, you might continue to waste money for a long time. To stop that, you should purchase a thread with a neutral color. No matter the kind of project you’re working on, you can use a thread of neutral color.

Don’t unthread your machine when you’re still working.

To avoid unthreading a machine, you should make use of portable bobbin winders. One portable bobbin winder should be enough for you. Sidewinders can also be effective. It depends on how it is used

Always use pattern weights

If you’re not careful, a pin can cause holes in a sewing pattern. To avoid that, you should use pattern weights. They would help to join your pattern when you cut your fabric. There are a lot of pattern weights. As there are cheap ones, there are also fancy ones. If you don’t have much to spend, you can go for the cheap one.

Learn how to sew seams with equal width

To sew seams of equal width, you should use the marks that are on your sewing machine. In most cases, you would find those marks on the needle plate of sewing machines. If you want a guide, you can include tape on your sewing machine. When you’re working on a project for a long time, you should brush your sewing machine. The only place that you should brush there is your lint.

Use multipurpose sewing clips

When you sew a lot of fabric together. They would have a thick layer. As a result of that, you won’t find it easy to join them together. The normal pins and needles that almost everyone uses won’t work. You will have no option but to use sewing clips. Even if you use wood clothe pins, they won’t work. Making use of multipurpose sewing clips is one of the best sewing tricks for dresses.

Always wear a seam ripper

Seam rippers are easy to lose. To keep them safe, you should always wear them on lanyards. There are different types of seam rippers. Some of them were even made in the form of a necklace. As seam rippers can be made with machines, they can also be handmade.

Clip seams diagonally

Even though a lot of people think that their corner seams have a square shape, they end up getting disappointed. If you want a square-shaped corner seam, you should clip your seam. It should always be clipped diagonally.

Use colored pencils

Instead of searching for a tailor’s pencil, colored pencils can be used. Whenever you put your fabric in a washing machine, it would wash out. Another chalk that you can use is blackboard and sidewalk. You’re going to get identical results. The use of colored pencils is one of the most popular sewing tips and tricks.

Sharpen your fabric scissors frequently

If your fabric scissor is dull, use it to cut aluminum foil. Aluminum foil that is folded is preferable. The same process can also be used to sharpen rotary cutters. To remain sharp and in good shape, you shouldn’t use them to cut anything different from fabric. It is one of the sewing tips that you should always remember before starting a new project.

Use a hairband to keep threads from unwinding

Since threads are light, they unwind easily. If you wrap a hairband around your thread, it would keep it from unwinding. So you can store it in a good condition for a long time. Since there are different kinds of hairbands, you have to use the ones that can be easily removed. That is why you should consider using fuzzy hair bands. They are made with elastic materials. So you can easily fix and remove them.

Use irons to give your project a better finish

To give your project a perfect finish, use an iron to press your seam. The seams would open while you’re working on the project. To do that, you don’t have to use expensive tools. You can even do it without a high iron. Just get any iron that can press your seam till it opens. It is one of the most effective sewing tricks. With care labels, you can boost the branding of your products.

Make use of double needles

Whenever you’re sewing, always make use of double needles. Even if you’ve not been using that method, you should try it for a while. You will see how great your projects will look like. Double needles are also perfect for double stitches.

Gathering fabrics easily

If you’re a beginner, you might find it difficult to gather fabrics while making skirts. To gather perfectly, you should make use of a crochet thread. It is one of the most important sewing tips for beginners. If you’re working with a sewing machine, you can use a zig-zag stitch. It is good for gathering fabrics. Your gather would also look neat and uniform. It is one of the most efficient sewing tricks for dresses.

If you want to improve the branding of your skirt or other clothes, you should consider making customized hangtags.

Making buttonholes

When you’re almost done with a project, you might notice that you’ve mistakenly sewn your buttonholes. Such a thing can be easily avoided. You just have to make use of a pin. When you attach a pin to the hole, you will be able to see and correct it if anything happens. Since you’re not going to worry about buttonholes anymore, you will sew faster. It is one of the quick sewing tips.

Practice stay stitching

If you intend to work with some fabrics, you have to learn stay stitching. Stay stitching can help to keep your work in shape. All you have to do is sew the fabric and stitch together. You can use just one row of stitches. You can always use stay stitching whenever you have curved edges. If the edge of your projects also comes out, you can use stay stitching.

Since some fabric stays out of place during work, you have to put them back in the right places. The perfect way to do that is to use the stay stitching technique. It is one of the best sewing tips for beginners

Give your zippers a perfect finish

Even if you put zippers in a piece of clothing, it might not look attractive till you give it a perfect finish. With the use of a great technique, you can finish your zipper perfectly. While doing it, don’t rush and ensure that you pay attention to details. After giving your zipper a perfect finish, you should brand your work better by designing custom woven labels.