Best sewing machine for quilting

Almost all experienced quilters want a sewing machine with extra features. Those extra features help make sewing a lot easier. If you’re a beginner, you don’t have to learn the hard way. You just have to find out the best sewing machine for quilting for beginners. Such machines can handle your projects properly. As we go further, you will learn about those extra features and the best machines to use for them.

Important features to check

Swappable feet

With a free-motion foot, you won’t find it difficult to quilt. It will also be easy for you to switch between feet.

Foot pressure

It is important to have a foot pressure that can be easily adjusted. While you’re quilting, the major difference between a heavy bedspread and a light summer quilt is the size. Even if the pressure is from a thick quilt, it might not work with a thinner quilt. All you have to do is make adjustments. That is how to make it work for your project.

Throat space

There is a space in the right of every needle. That space is known as throat space.  Your throat space should always be big. If it is small, your project won’t move properly. Such a thing can damage the pattern of your quilt. It might even be worse if your project is that of an intricate design. Make your throat space as large as possible. You can only reduce the size if you’re working on small quilts.

Thread cutter

While piercing more than one block at a time, your scissors might grab between seams. The majority of the time, it happens with tiny seams. With a thread cutter, you can save yourself a lot of time.

Drop feed function

With feed dogs, your fabric won’t move in more than one direction. It won’t be possible for you to work on feed dogs. The only exception is if you’re working on straight-line quilting. With the use of a darning plate, your feed dogs can be properly covered. Other covers can also be used. Since some covers are bulky, you might find it difficult to work with them. That is why it is advisable to always use the drop feed function.

Bobbin access

While quilting, you should have enough bobbin thread. If you don’t have enough, it will affect your project negatively. You should also use a machine that makes it easy to swap in between bobbins. By designing customized woven labels, people will find it easy to identify things that you sew.

Needle up

To make your designs sharp, you must pivot in needles. If you’re going to crank the needle with your hand, you’re going to work at a slow rate. As you can use a needle up function, you can also use a needle down function. It would help stop your needle in position. The position can either be up or down.

You can even include a knee-lifter to your machines. That is how your needle can be properly raised. You won’t have to worry about winding up or any other thing. Your machine will be in the down position automatically.

Essential sewing machines for quilting

After you have identified the features that you need, you can start to figure out the best machines to work on them. Everything depends on the kind of project that you’re carrying out. As a lot of experienced quilters want to have every possible feature, novices don’t mind using simple machines. No matter what category you fall in, you will be able to choose from the machines listed below

Juki TL – 2000Qi

As an experienced quilter, you will find almost all the features that you need here. Its worktable is quite wide. It even has an extra throat space and a drop feed function. That is why it is jam-packed. With a food pedal, you can control the rate at which you stitch. The cutting feature can also be controlled. Since those features can be complex, some beginners might find it difficult to use the machine. If you’re searching for the best sewing machine for quilting for beginners, you should consider other options.

Quilting machine CS6000i

It is arguably the best sewing machine for quilting. It is the perfect machine for quilters that want something that can help them explore other interests. It has all the basic things that you will find on all sewing machines. Those things include the work table and the likes. Since it has a quilting foot, you won’t find it difficult to work on projects that don’t involve quilting.

Brother XR3774

If you want to purchase on a budget, you should go for this option. Even though it doesn’t have bells, it is still effective. Since there’s no option for drop-feed, a darning plate is included. With the quilting foot, you can easily do your quilting in free motion. You can also perform large sewing projects easily. It has a large worktable.

Juki HZL-F600 quilting and sewing machine

It is a computerized machine. Just like all the other machines made by Juki, this one is also of high quality. It has a lot of features. As it has features that make it easy to quilt, it also has features that make it easy to carry out other projects.  For instance, it has a box feed system.

Brother SE400 Machine

By purchasing this machine, you will get a good value for your money. As you can use it to sew garments, you can use it to create embroidery patterns. It can also quilt properly. Even though some people refer to it as the best sewing machine for quilting, there are some quilting features that it doesn’t have. One of them is the knee-lift option. Some of the other things it has are thread cutter, throat depth, and the likes. To brand your clothes and make them unique, you should make hangtags.

Modern Quilter 8500Q

The main reason it was designed is for quilting. That is why it is one of the best options available. It has an extension table of big size. There is also a knee lifter included. If you want to work on decorative stitching, you can use some of the options for extra stitches.

Heavy Duty 4423

Even though it is not the best sewing machine for quilting, sewists can still do a lot of things with the machine. It has the function of drop feed. That is why you’re not going to need a darning plate. With its sturdy frame, vibration will be easily reduced. So intricate work can be easily performed on your machine. Unlike other machines made specifically for quilting, the throat space is a little bit small. You should consider designing care labels for your products.

Brother Machine HC1850

It is a budget-friendly machine. With a small amount, you can get something with great value. As it has a lot of computerized features, it also has the things you need for quilting. If you’re looking for options in high-end machines, you might not find them here. Some of those options include knee lift, thread cutter, and the likes.

Janome 2212 machine

If you’re a novice, you should start with a basic machine like this. Since it comes from Janome, you can be sure that you’re purchasing something of good quality. Since it has the option of drop feed, you can easily do the quilting in free motion. You just need to select a separate foot.