Best Crochet Hooks

The Best Crochet Hooks: How to Select the Best Crochet Hooks to Buy

Looking for the best crochet hooks for your next (or maybe even first) crochet project? Crochet is a needlework craft because it uses hooked needles (or hooks) to create stunning crochet textiles.

Whether you’re just learning how to crochet or you’re an experienced crafter, having the right crochet hook and yarn is key to success. With endless crochet hook options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for the best crochet hooks to use.

Best crochet hooks
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If you’re ready to discover the answer to the question, “What are the best crochet hooks?,” keep reading! This article will help you find the best hook for crochet by covering the following topics:

    1. What to consider when shopping for the best crochet hooks
    2. A sampling of the most trusted crochet hook brands
    3. The best-rated crochet hooks 
    4. The best ergonomic crochet hook sets
    5. The best type of crochet hook for amigurumi

Armed with all of this crochet knowledge, by the end of this article you will feel confident in your ability to select the best crochet hooks to buy for your needs.

Fun fact: Although they’re most commonly called “crochet hooks”, the crochet tool is officially a needle. So when you’re searching for the best crochet hooks, you’re actually looking for the best crochet needles. This is not to be confused with yarn needles used to weave in ends!

What to Consider When Deciding What Crochet Hooks Are Best for You

When crafters select the right tools for a project, they set themselves up for an enjoyable process and beautiful finished project. If you already know how to sew or are learning how to sew, you already know the importance of materials and tools.

If you’re not a sewer, you can still imagine the impact that a different type of fabric can have on a project (think of heavy velvet versus light cotton). Crochet is similarly impacted by its two essential elements:

    1. Crochet hooks
    2. Yarn

Best brand crochet hooks
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Crochet needles come in all materials, styles, and sizes, so before you start shopping it’s important to understand the basic types of crochet hooks and what they’re used for. Keep the tables below handy while you’re shopping.

Crochet Hook Materials

Crochet hooks are available in a variety of materials, and every crocheter has their preferences. Four of the most common crochet hook materials include: 

    1. Steel
    2. Aluminum
    3. Plastic
    4. Bamboo / Wood

If you’re still learning how to crochet, you may need to experiment with different materials until you find your favorite. You might also discover that your preferred crochet hook material changes depending on the project and stitch.

The table below summarizes the benefits and drawbacks of the common crochet hook materials.


Photo Advantages Disadvantages


Stainless steel crochet hooks
Image source: Ali Express

Affordable and long-lasting.

Smooth and fast.

Can be “slippery”.

Noisy and cold in the hand. Can only be used for fine lace thread.


Aluminum crochet hooks
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Available in a wide range of sizes. Allows for quick and smooth stitches.

Slippery, so less textured yarns might fall off easily.


Plastic crochet hooks
Image source: Wool Warehouse

Available in a wide range of sizes, plus jumbo sizes. 

Lightweight and fast.

Slippery yarns (such as bamboo or silk yarns) might fall off the hook easily.

Bamboo / Wood

Bamboo crochet hooks
Image source: Loft Owl

Lightweight and pleasantly warm in your hand. Not available in the smallest or jumbo sizes.

Can slow down your stitches. Textured yarns might “stick” to bamboo

Crochet Hook Styles

After considering the crochet hook material, you must next consider the type of crochet hook. The different crochet styles can provide extra comfort, alter your stitching flow, or even allow you to work with different techniques.

Types of crochet hooks
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The most common crochet hook styles can be roughly categorized into the following five groups:

    1. Standard: tapered and inline
    2. Ergonomic
    3. Tunisian
    4. Broomstick Lace

Standard Crochet Hooks

Standard crochet hooks have long, thin handles with a hook at one end. Differences at the “head” of the hook impact how the yarn moves along the hook and how the hook moves through stitches.

Inline vs tapered crochet hook type
Image source: Cranberry Crochet

Although stitches are made the same way with both hook types, there are small differences between the two hooks.

Advantages of standard tapered hooks:

    • Can increase stitching speed.
    • Might help reduce wrist pain.
    • Helps to protect yarn against splitting.

Advantages of standard inline hooks:

    • The best inline crochet hooks can help create the most consistently sized crochet stitches.
    • Can be easier to work into tight stitches, thanks to its more pointed head. For this reason, you may prefer an inline look for projects that require a lot of decreases.
    • May provide more tension control.

Overall, the differences between standard tapered and inline crochet hooks are minimal. Test the different hooks by creating some basic stitches (such as the half double croche) and crocheting in the round. You might not even notice a change in your stitches!

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Best ergonomic crochet hooks
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Ergonomic crochet hooks are typically standard crochet hooks with larger, softer handles. Sometimes the ergonomic handles are sold separately and attached onto regular hooks. They’re designed to lower the stress in your hands.

Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Best tunisian crochet hooks to get
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Tunisian crochet hooks are required to create tunisian crochet projects. Tunisian crochet hooks are much longer than standard hooks and have a stopper on the end. Tunisian crochet is a fascinating blend of crochet and knitting.

Best crochet needles
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Tunisian crochet makes stunning garments, such as the toddler top pictured above. If you discover a passion for tunisian crochet, consider adding a custom care label and custom hang tags before selling your items online.

Broomstick Lace Crochet Hooks

What are the best crochet hooks
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Believe it or not, broomstick lace crochet still starts with a humble crochet chain and a row of single crochet. However, the similarities to “normal” crochet end there.

Unlike basic stitches such as double crochet and triple crochet, you need a special hook to create the unique broomstick lace crochet stitch. Broomstick lace hooks are very large and are used to create large eyelet motifs. 

Crochet Hook Sizes 

Besides material and style, the last major consideration for selecting your crochet hook is the size. The size of crochet hook you use will depend on the type of yarn you’re using, the gauge you want to create, and the stitches you plan to use.

The different types of crochet hooks
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All crochet patterns and yarns suggest a crochet hook size to create the proper gauge (number of stitches per inch. Gauge is related to your stitch tension, and both are crucial to making sure the finished project looks and functions as intended.

If you’re just starting to crochet, you might want to start with just one medium-sized (H-8) hook. Once you’ve learned the basics, you will want to branch out into different yarn types and projects. At that point, it’s worth investing in a set of crochet hooks in a variety of sizes.

Crochet Hook Sizes Chart
USA English Metric
14 6 0.60
12 5 0.75
10 4 1.00
3 1.25
6 2.5 1.50
4 2 1.75
B 14 2.00
C 12 2.50
D 11 3.00
E 9 3.50
F 8 4.00
G 7 4.50
H 6 5.00
I 5 5.50
J 4 6.00
J 2 7.00
1/0 8.00
2/0 9.00
P 3/0 10.00

Best Brand Crochet Hooks

With so many crochet hooks available for purchase and so many different considerations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you’re unsure where to start looking for your next crochet hook, start with any one of these well-known and trusted brands.

    • Susan Bates
    • Clover
    • Prym
    • Boye
    • Pony
    • Lion Brand

Searching within these brands will still give you a wide range of options, but you can feel confident that you’ll end up with a quality product no matter what you choose.

Best Rated Crochet Hooks

The best crochet hooks are a personal preference, however, some hooks are clear favorites in the crochet community. Browse the list of best-rated crochet hooks below and see if any sound right for you.

Keep in mind that the most popular crochet hooks are not guaranteed to be your perfect tool. Explore your options until you confidently know what works best for you.

Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Ergonomic crochet hooks are loved for the comfort they provide. Projects that are large in size or require intricate techniques (such as magic circles or changing colors frequently) can put a lot of strain on your hands and wrists.

Classy catz crochet hook set
Image source: Most Craft

Your ideal ergonomic crochet hook set will depend on your exact needs, but the sets below are real favorites among crocheters.

    • Clover Armor Crochet Hook: Has a comfortable grip and each size comes in a different color.
    • Pony Soft Ergonomic Handle: Affordable and has a very large handle.
    • Addi Swing: Great for crocheters that prefer the knife grip, features a deeply curved handle.
    • Addi Comfort: Rounded handle with grooves works well for both knife grip and pencil grip crocheters.
    • Birch Crochet Hook: Affordable and great for beginners. A round, even handle makes it easy to use with any grip.

Best Crochet Hooks for Amigurumi

The colorful, whimsical category of amigurumi crochet projects is extremely popular worldwide. Amigurumi is the Japanese word for small knitted or crochet stuffed toys. These toys are typically in the shape of animals, foods, household objects, or even people.

Best crochet hooks for amigurumi
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For obvious reasons, amigurumi projects make excellent presents for children or anyone young at heart. If you decide to give an amigurumi project as a gift, consider adding a custom woven label with the recipient’s name for a truly heartfelt gesture.

These miniature creations require specific techniques and a significant amount of detail work to complete. If you’re serious about amigurumi projects, it’s wise to invest in crochet hooks that support amigurumi work.

Browse through the list of the best crochet hooks for amigurumi below and try one (or two) out for yourself.

    • Clover Armour Hook: You might have noticed that this is the third time this hook has appeared in this article, and it’s for good reason. The comfort handles are universally appreciated. Amigurumi crocheters love the specially treated chaft and hook that allows for effortlessly smooth gliding. The reduced tension supports the high tension needed for amigurumi projects.
    • Furls Odyssey Hooks: These hooks are perfect for those that prefer larger hooks with longer handles. Many crocheters also appreciate the extra weight of this hook, although it’s not for everyone.
    • Tulip Etimo: With a small rubber grip and extra smooth tips, these hooks are popular with crocheters who prefer small hooks. Just like the Clover Armour Hooks, the smooth tip on these hooks helps achieve the small stitches and tight tension needed in amigurumi projects.

WeCrochet Bright Hook Set: This affordable crochet hook set provides beginner crocheters with an upgrade from basic (and uncomfortable) aluminum hooks. The comfort grip reduces finger pains, although their tips are not specially treated like the Clover Armour Hooks. These are a great starting point if you’re just beginning amigurumi.