21 advanced sewing techniques

When you’re working on sewing projects, you can always have better efficiency if you make use of the right tips. Even when you’re carrying out difficult sewing projects, you won’t waste too much time on them. Advanced sewing techniques are recommended for professionals and beginners who are ready to learn more and improve their skills. Before learning those techniques, you should familiarize yourself with advanced sewing projects and advanced stitching. Some advanced sewing projects are listed below

Pleated Curtains

After learning how to make basic curtains at the beginner level, you can improve your skills by learning how to make pleated curtains. You can even use difficult sewing patterns. Even as random curtains beautify your home, pleated curtains would make it appear more attractive and classy.

Roman Shades

Instead of using old and outdated window coverings, you should consider making roman shades. Even though it looks like something difficult, it is easy to make. You just have to study and follow the right steps. Unlike other window coverings, roman shades don’t cover too much space.

Chair cushions

You can customize your chairs by making them beautiful cushions. These cushions can be made with simple or complicated sewing patterns. To make your home more attractive, you should consider using the same material for all rooms. Piping is going to be used when you’re making chair cushions. As you go further, you will learn more about piping. Making chair cushions won’t only help beautify your home. You would also improve on your advanced sewing techniques.

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Floor Cushion

You can always make quilted floor cushions for your personal use. If you don’t have many chairs, a good floor cushion would serve as an alternative. Since floor cushions are not heavy, they can be easily moved. So you can use your floor cushion anywhere in your home.


Within a few minutes, you can craft a beautiful flanged pillow. It would be more elegant and beautiful than the one you made when you were a beginner.

Duvet Cover

Everyone needs to sleep well at night. Customizing your bed to your taste would only help to make you sleep better. Within a short time, you can craft a duvet cover for your personal use. Since you get to work with large fabrics while making a duvet cover, you will improve on your advanced sewing techniques.

Ironing cover

It isn’t comfortable to use all ironing board covers. If you use one for a long time, it would become weak. Within a few hours, you can always make a strong ironing cover. You should also pad it well so that it would last for a long time.


If you’ve little ones, you can make them a romper. If you don’t have, you can still make a romper and give it out as a gift. When you take the time to make your romper well, it would surely look beautiful. Rompers are nice outfits that look perfect on sunny days.

Bubble dress

If you’re confused about the right dress to wear during spring or summer, you should consider a bubble dress. Since different kinds of fabrics can be used to make bubble dresses, you can make them in different styles. If you want to make your bubble dress a casual outfit, you should consider using cotton.

Lunch Bag

If you have a kid in school, you have to make sure that he/she is well fed. Before you take your kid to school every morning, you should prepare lunch and keep it in a lunch bag. Since your kid might not eat your packaged meal till afternoon, you have to use a bag that can keep the food in good condition.

If the food is packaged hot, it should remain hot till the lunch bag is opened. That is why you should consider making an insulated lunch bag. It is also reusable. All you have to do is craft one. You can always use it for a long time.

Camera bag

Cameras are expensive. If you have one, you should make sure that you maintain it well. Whenever you’re taking it out, it should be kept in a good camera bag. By following a few instructions, you can make a camera bag for yourself. You don’t have to use difficult sewing patterns. You should also make compartments in your camera bag. Your camera equipment can be safely kept there.

Techniques for advanced sewing

French Seams

Even though people believe that French seams are difficult, they can be as easy as all other seams. You just have to do more things and spend more time on them. Unlike other seams, French seams are recommended for delicate fabrics. French seams help to protect materials from falling apart. French seams are also perfect for materials that don’t work well with surging.


There are a lot of advanced sewing projects where the bias tape is used. If you’ve worked on one, you will have no problem with learning binding. If you’ve not worked on one before, you can still learn binding in a short time. As there are similarities between binding and bias tape, there are also differences between them. Unlike in bias tapes, the fabric is used to make the tape part in binding. So you can make a bias tape by yourself.

Binding can be used to add a professional look to your project. That is why it is perfect for a garment and other sewing works. If you don’t have much experience, you might find it difficult to sew the binding on fabrics that stretch. To become better, you just have to create more time to practice.

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Invisible Zippers

Even though people think there is a big deal about invisible zippers, it can be easily installed like all other zippers. If you’re able to perfect how to use invisible zippers, you will stick to them. The reason is they look neater and more attractive in clothes.

Even though invisible zippers can be easily installed with the foot, you don’t have to use that method. It would cost you more and it isn’t cost-effective. All you have to do is master how to adjust your needle. If you’re a lefty, you might have to spend more time learning how to adjust needles.


If you learn your sewing basics well, you will find it easy to quilt. Even if you find quilting difficult as a beginner, just practice as much as possible. When you finally get it, you would realize that it is easy. There are a lot of quilting patterns. No matter how much time you spend on learning new patterns, some patterns would still be new to you. The majority of them are seen as complicated sewing patterns. You can even make a lot of quilts and give them to people as gifts. They would feel great and appreciate you.

Princess Seams

If you want to make fit clothes, you should use princess seams. It is highly recommended for tailors that are specialized in fit female dresses. It is used in giving a nice shape to plain dresses.


It is also referred to as welting. Piping is used to make a project more exciting and interesting. In most cases, piping is used on pillows. Even when it is used on clothes, it helps to make them more elegant and attractive. There is no uniform size of piping used in the inner cord. It depends on how good you want your project to appear.

Before you start piping, there should be a sewing foot. You can use a zipper foot. It is the most common sewing foot. Sewing feet make it easy to make needle adjustments.  That means you would find it easy to move your needle to the left or right. Then your stitch would be close. A close stitch would make your piping appear as neat as possible. It is advanced stitching.

Flat Seams

Flat felled seams can be easily noticed in jeans. You just have to observe the legs of your jeans. You can even find a lot of flat-felled seams in thick jeans. They are also common in materials where fits can’t be used. Instead of using bulky seams, flat seams should be used. You can also use flat seams to hide all other exposed seams. It would make a clean look.

Rotary cutter

If you’ve ever tried cutting a plain edge, you might get frustrated. That is why the rotary cutter was introduced. It would help you if you specialize in making quilts, curtains, and the likes. Alongside the rotary cutter, you should purchase a ruler and a mat. They will make your work easier. When you purchase those materials, you won’t stop using them. The reason is that they would make your work a lot more efficient and you won’t want to do without them again.

Metal Grommets

From curtains to garments, metal grommets can be used in almost anything. You don’t even need a lot of machines or tools to use them. All you need is a hammer and the right kit. You can purchase a good setting kit in the sewing store closest to you. If you don’t have a sewing store around you, you should consider going to a craft store.

Button Placket

Whenever you’re making a top, you should use a button placket. It would make the top appear neater and more attractive.