Scrub Cap Sewing Pattern

The Unexpected but Fun Sewing Project: Scrub Cap Sewing Patterns

If you are looking for a fun and creative sewing project, look no further than our scrub cap sewing patterns. 

Scrub caps have been around for ages. They’re also known as the skull cap or the surgical cap sewing pattern, and you can make it out of any fabric scraps you might have lying around your house. 

Nowadays, wearing scrubs is a popular choice for medical professionals and other healthcare workers. There are many reasons why people choose to wear them: they are:

    • Durable
    • Comfortable
    • and easy to clean. 

And now it looks like they can be fashionable too! 

Scrub cap sewing pattern
Image source: Vermont Organics Reclamation

Sewing your own scrub cap is not only a fun and easy craft project, but it’s also an inexpensive way to get one-of-a-kind headwear. 

This project is perfect for beginner sewers who want to try their hand at sewing without investing in a new project right away – you can use up old material!

This article will go over fifteen fantastic scrub cap sewing patterns that all follow the following basic steps of creation: 

    1. Determine what size scrub cap you want. 
    2. Choose your fabric and pattern (or create your own sewing pattern). 
    3. Cut out all of the pieces of fabric needed for each side of the scrub cap (front panel, back panel, lining) before sewing anything together so you don’t have any seams in the wrong place!
    4. Sew everything together following the pattern and you’re done!

If you’re interested in sewing these unique caps, keep on reading this blog!

Sewing Pattern Free Printable Scrub Hat Patterns

Surgical cap sewing pattern
Image source: Craft and Fabric Links

We’ve listed below the best fashionable scrub hat sewing patterns for beginners to try out. These are different from what professionals wear in the surgical room. 

These little caps with ties are great for all hair lengths and styles. You can use these cloth caps as a headband or tied under the chin to keep your ears warm during cold winter months. 

You can also use them in place of traditional hats when hiking in the mountains or playing outside on sunny days!

All the sewing patterns on this list are free except for one! For more free sewing patterns as such, check out our blog. 

Sewing Scrub Cap Pattern by Creative Fabrica

Scrub cap sewing pattern free
Image source: Creative Fabrica

You’ll have to be highly motivated and patient if you want your first sewing project to turn out great. 

The instructions for this sewing scrub cap pattern by Creative Fabrica are clear, concise, and easy-to-follow so that even beginner sewers can complete it without making too many mistakes along the way. 

With a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use their downloadable PDF template and tons of pictures illustrating each process in detail (along with recommendations), they make sure all levels will walk away satisfied with what they’ve accomplished at the end!

Patterns are available at full size and include the seam allowance. For at-home printing:

    1. Print the pattern views on A4 paper
    2. Piece and glue them together
    3. Follow the instructions!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

    1. Sewing scissors
    2. Threads to sew it with
    3. Pencil and sewing pins for marking
    4. A piece of fabric 47 x 19.7 inch
    5. Safety pin to hold two ends together. 
    6. The sewing machine fit the size you choose from your pattern 
    7. Use measuring tape if needed for any long sides or corner pieces that might be hard to measure using a ruler alone.

Scrub Cap Sewing Pattern Free of Cost by Baby Lock

Reversible scrub cap
Image source: Baby Lock

Reversible and unisex skull caps are versatile pieces of clothing that you can use for many purposes. 

From medical surgery to working in the garden, these simple free skull cap sewing patterns will make it easy for anyone with basic sewing skills to create a cap that perfectly fits your needs!

You can don a doctor’s hat or scrub cap in the blink of an eye with this easy pattern. 

This one-size-fits-all style is reversible, so you’ll never have to go without! Add on some buttons if you plan on wearing it over your face mask for that extra detail.

You will need: 

    1. Matching thread
    2. Measuring tape
    3. Buttons (1/2″ or larger)
    4. Bias tape for finishing edges (wider is better)

Other items include a sewing machine that has the appropriate features and attachments to use it as you please. 

A serger with an overlocker foot attachment helps make quick work of neatening raw seams. If you’re not using one, then prepare yourself by cutting your fabric into four equal pieces before proceeding! 

You’ll also want some other basic sewing tools like: 

    • Pins
    • Scissors 
    • Ironing board
    • Pressing ham etc.

You can download the scrub cap sewing pattern free of cost here. For sewing instructions, refer to the Baby Lock blog on DIY reversible free skull cap sewing pattern

DIY Scrub Hat by Sweet Jilli Beanz

Scrub hat sewing pattern
Image source: Jilli Beanz

Do you know the person who wears a scrub hat? Give them some love by making their own custom-made scrub hats! 

These are creative and thoughtful ways to show someone how much they mean to you. Who are we kidding, these hats look adorable on everyone.

The pattern will take the shape of whatever type of headgear (scrub hat) design you desire. You can make these for short hair or long hair and without ties if preferred.

This DIY tutorial doesn’t include a skull cap sewing pattern, so you will have to make your own for this project. Because it doesn’t include a free pattern, you will require to know a few sewing tips and tricks to go about this project without any troubles.

This is a beginner sewing pattern and won’t require a lot of your time. Experienced sewers might be able to finish this project within an hour at most!

We recommend sewing this scrub hat in a lightweight fabric. Lightweight fabric is always a good choice for hot summer days, but what about your hair? No one wants to be sweating and have their locks go limp. 

To avoid this fate, take an elastic that’s the same width as the back of your headband (1/4 inch) and sew it inside before you cut out pieces. 

Then once you’re done sewing, you can adjust how tight they are. Give yourself some breathing room by stretching those little suckers when everything’s sewn up!

Add woven labels to the front band of your scrub hat to give it a personalized touch. You can also write your name in thread on the front using an embroidery machine. 

For fully illustrated instructions on this project, click here.

The Hummingbird Scrub Hat Sewing Pattern Free of Cost

Surgical cap sewing pattern free
Image source: Free Patterns 4 Scrub Hats

When it comes to finding a scrub hat that fits, you want something with elastic in the back for quick and easy application. 

This scrub hat is designed to be easy and quick for the wearer. It has elastic in both the back of it, so taking off your scrubs at night will never feel like a struggle again! 

Plus, this baby stays on during even your most intense workouts or overnight shifts without moving an inch. 

This form-fitting style is not tight so if you have long hair that usually gets caught up with hats when putting them on then this style might just be perfect for you. Not only does it stay securely fit but there’s plenty of room left over if any stray hairs pop out from under its brim while wearing. 

This one is a scrub hat sewing pattern free for use. It includes a template for a 22″ head circumference so if you have a head measurement that’s closer to this size, this pattern will work for you. Otherwise, you will have to alter the pattern to your size.

You will be able to sew this hat in twelve easy steps that you can read here. For the free skull cap sewing pattern, click here to download!

Sewing Free Printable Scrub Hat Patterns With Simplifi Fabric

Skull cap sewing pattern
Image: Simplifi Fabric

This is another free scrub cap sewing pattern with a tie-back feature. 

This is a simple sewing project that doesn’t require you to learn to sew. Even a novice can sew this cap without mistakes thanks to the detailed tutorial with images for every step. 

You’ll want to wear your mask often, so they’ve reinforced the cap with a partially interfaced band for sewing buttons on. The buttons will ensure that the mask you wear doesn’t slip off your ears. Perfect for Covid times!

They also made sure the seams are faux flat-felled and include bar tacks in areas that see heavy wear & tear.

This material is durable and will hold up against constant washing without wearing down or tearing away from all those high-traffic areas. Consider adding care labels with careful washing instructions to ensure maximum durability. 

This scrubs cap features an elastic back for the perfect fit. It is also adjustable with one size that fits most! 

The design accommodates most head sizes. If you find the cap too big or small all that needs to be done is printing at a different scale.

This scrub cap uses very little fabric so it saves you money on materials, while also saving your time due to its simplicity. You can also upcycle an old cotton t-shirt to create this hat! 

It’s easy to sew, quick and simple instructions accompany this PDF pattern which is only three pages long. To download the free PDF sewing pattern, click here.

Surgical Cap Sewing Patterns

Super easy surgical cap pattern
Image source: Tip Junkie

You would often see professionals such as nurses, doctors, and surgeons wear scrub hats. That’s why a scrub hat is also called a surgical cap. 

COVID19 has created such an increased need for these caps among healthcare professionals that it’s suddenly hard to find them anywhere but online. In tough times like these, when doctors and nurses are busy treating Covid infected patients in the hospital, the least you can do is make a surgical cap and mask for them. 

Listed below are the top five surgical cap sewing patterns every physical therapist must have!




See Kate Sew

There are two variations to this cap: 

    1. a tie back scrub that fits most
    2. scrub with elastic at the bottom brim so it stays snug around any head shape.

The caps are made of cotton which will withstand repeated washings in a hospital setting but still keep their softness 

  • Pure cotton fabric (½ yard)
  • Optional elastic (½ inches)
  • Half inch bias or binding tape
  • Free pattern pieces

Joy Kate Designs

This is a free surgical hat sewing pattern that even an amateur sewer can sew with no problem. It is a one-size-fits-all cap because it ties at the back. The sewing pattern is only available as a digital PDF file and not a paper print. 


The DIY scrub cap tutorial includes a surgical cap sewing pattern free to use. This one features an elastic back that fits tightly around the head. This project is a step up from the boring surgical hat as the blog instructs you on sewing the cap using a patterned cloth. You can wear this scrub as a shower hat, while working at home or to give to a friend. 

  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Matching thread
  • Iron/Ironing Board
  • ⅓ yard main fabric
  • 11 inches of scrap fabric
  • Elastic band (½ inches)
  • Measuring Tape or ruler

Sweet Red Poppy

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse or just a housewife, this scrub cap is for everyone! The surgical scrub cap sewing pattern by Sweet Red Poppy features back ties and a cute scrub with contrasting fabrics. You can learn to sew this easy cap using:

You will need to sign in to access the free PDF sewing pattern.

  • Tape
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marker
  • Sewing Machine
  • Paper and printer
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Rotary cutter and rotary mat
  • Cotton fabric (main and for lining)

Arcady Genkin

The surgical hat sewing pattern by Arcady Genkin features only three things:

    1. Single-layer design
    2. Buttons on both sides of the hat
    3. Straps on the back to tie the cap making it one-size-fits-all
  • Fabric
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine

Super Chic, Super Unique—The Ponytail Scrub Cap Sewing Pattern

Ponytail scrub hat sewing pattern
Image source: Etsy

If you have long hair, this scrub cap pattern is perfect for you. The ties tie up in a bow on top of the ponytail-carrying pouch for a cute look. 

This is the best feature unique to this particular hat pattern. You can conveniently tuck away your hair in the ponytail pouch at the back so the hair doesn’t get into the way!

The cap is big enough and adjustable to accommodate different size heads with ease!

This ponytail scrub cap sewing pattern will make giving back easy by being quick and simple sewing techniques. Just throw some supplies together at home and ask your sewing friends if they want to help out too. Add custom hang tags to the cap to help people recognise your brand.


Little Shooting Stars

Available on

Etsy store


    1. Easy-to-follow instructions
    2. No elastic hat
    3. Fully illustrated
    4. Instructions on how to sew a button


    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large 

Supplies needed

    1. Patterned fabric 38 by 16 inches
    2. Two buttons
    3. Scissors
    4. Pins
    5. Sewing machine

Available formats

Digital pdf file