The Ultimate Babylock Embroidery Machine Guide

Take a deep dive into everything you need to know about choosing a Babylock embroidery machine and popular models.

People consider the brand when it comes to choosing the best sewing and embroidery machine. Brother, Singer, Bernina, and other famous brands rule the sewing machine industry.

Some brands are not as popular as others but maintain quality and performance. Today, we are going to talk about the less-popular sewing and embroidery brand named Baby Lock.

Baby Lock is an excellent brand, and they launched reliable and high-quality sewing. They promise to provide durable embroidery machines without compromising on quality.

Are you looking to buy a sewing and embroidery machine to start your small business? Look no further than Baby Lock. 

Many baby lock embroidery machine types and models are available in the market. Choosing the best as per your budget and requirement can be a challenging task.

In this article, we will cover everything you want to know about the popular Babylock embroidery machine and its history. Let’s get started. 

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Introduction To Babylock Embroidery Machine

Babylock embroidery machine is a reliable, smaller, more compact version of a heavy industrial embroidery machine. These embroidery machines can help you make store-bought embroidery clothes at home.

Babylock brilliant sewing machine
Image Source: The Sara Project

Are you curious to know its history? We’ve covered you. In this section, we will help you give more background knowledge about the baby lock brand. 

History of Babylock Embroidery Sewing Machine

Babylock is a less popular brand as compared to other renowned sewing and embroidery machine brands. 

Baby Lock company was founded in Japan in 1968. It was the brainchild of a Japanese engineering group. They have combined the industrial overlocker’s design with the sergers of that time and created more manageable overlockers for the home environment. 

Babylock embroidery machines
Image Source: Sew And Quilt Stores

They launched a smaller, more compact version of heavy industrial machines known as Baby Lock. The baby lock embroidery sewing machine was meeting the demand of home-use sergers until the firm based in America determined to take a chance on them.

Babylock firm is growing and now has footholes in the USA. They are the go-to brand for US-based TV sewing expert Nancy Zieman.

In the 1990s, babylock introduced revolutionary air-threading sergers to solve home sergers’ difficulty in working with embroidery floss and threads. This innovative design reduced the learning time and empowered home sergers to grow their business.

The first sewing machine of Babylock was the BLQK Sashiko. It was capable of replicating hand embroidery and sewing.

One of the most interesting things about Baby Lock is that they don’t manufacture their own embroidery machines. They outsource the entire manufacturing process to a popular brand – Brother. 

Who Makes Baby Lock Embroidery Machines?

The Japanese company named Suzuki Machinery manufactures all Baby Lock sewing and embroidery machines. They are known for their high-quality and value-added manufacturing across the world.

Baby Lock pride itself on being the only Japan-made household sewing machine brand.

The other units of Babylock embroidery machines are made in various countries like Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. As per the Babylock’s website, they keep high-quality and innovation in mind while manufacturing their products. 

What Kind of Sewing and Embroidery Machine Do They Make?

Babylock offers an amazing range of sewing machines, such as stitch, sergers, and embroidery. There are many embroidery machines for beginners available, but they are expensive.

Babylock is known for coverstitch and sergers, including air-threading technology. You will need to place your embroidery thread in the areas you want to use, and the Babylock machine will thread itself in no time.

Babylock embroidery machine
Image Source: The Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore 

Babylock embroidery machine prices for Zeal, Joy, and Zest models range between $170 and $250. They are ideal for beginners and come with basic sets of features and stitches that can help you finish a DIY embroidery project.  

Their top-of-the-line embroidery machines, such as Altair and Aerial, can cost between $8000 to $9000. 

This babylock sewing embroidery machine comes with all the features of mid-range models and LCD color touch screens to make your embroidery project successful.

If you want to highlight your homemade clothing items and give them a professional look, then you should head to Super Label Store and place your order for high-quality, easy-to-design, and customizable.

Super Label Store encourages all sewers and quilters to start their own clothing line and grow their business with professional-looking products. 

Why Should You Choose Babylock Sewing and Embroidery Machine?

Baby Lock sewing machines are reliable and come with a range of features. They have a few basic models for beginners, but they are expensive. Most of the Baby Lock sewing machines cater to the needs of intermediate to expert level sewers.

If you want the best-of-the-best embroidery machines, look no further than Baby Lock. It has everything you need to make your amazing embroidery project.

Don’t take our word. Check out the following reasons and features of Baby Lock embroidery machines to help you convince yourself. 

Improved Fabric Support

All Babylock sewing machines come with improved fabric support that will help you keep stitches balanced and flat. The outcome is the perfect-finished seam. 

Adjustable Stitch Width

In all baby lock’s overlock and coverlock machines, the chaining finger and cutter move together in the same direction to get a perfect seam of the same stitch width. You will not need to adjust the thread length. 

Unique Loopers

Say goodbye to loose threads. With Babylock sewing and embroidery machines, you don’t need to follow threading paths and stitch to a defined threading order. 

Get the freedom to choose your desired embroidery stitches and order. 

Needle Threader

The embroidery needle threader works in two steps to thread needles in no time. 

Front Presser Foot Lever

Baby Lock has placed a presser foot lever at the front of the machine to help you work with a coverlock machine with ease. 

Jet-air System

With the Babylock embroidery machine, you do not need to follow any complicated threading paths tangled up with loose threads. Just place the thread into the looper port; press the button, and congrats! 

Babylock embroidery machine for sale
Image Source: Baby Lock

The looper will be threaded in an automatic manner. If you wish, you can thread all three loopers at the same time. 

Looper Drive System

The exclusive looper drive system of Baby lock embroidery machines prevents the loopers from misaligning and moving out of sync. It also prevents them from severe damage and gives you more time to enjoy. 

Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD)

The innovative system of babylock sewing and embroidery machines keeps you away from thread tension adjustment. From fine through to heavy embroidery fabric, you can try anything you like. Just choose your stitch and start sewing a perfect seam. 

Advanced Cutter System with One-way Clutch System

Baby Lock machines feature an advanced cutter system that lets you cut thicker fabrics with ease and gives you a good finish. 

Vertical Needle Position

Many embroidery machines use slanted needles that can damage the fabric. Babylock embroidery machines feature needles that are located in the vertical direction. The exclusion function of penetrating the fabric prevents the fabric and embroidery needle from bending. 

Design positioning in machine embroidery
Image Source: WeAllSew

8/7/6 Thread Stitches

The Evolve, Evolution, and Ovation are the baby lock’s overlock machines that can help you stitch with eight threads at one time. There are 87 combinations of stitches available.   

Babylock sewing and embroidery machine
Image Source: GoldStar Tool

Chaining Off At the Fabric End

You can start or stop the cover stitch using the automatic chaining-off functions of babylock machines. Sewing on and top of the fabric becomes easier with babylock machines. 

13 Babylock Embroidery Machines With Features and Benefits

Babylock pride itself on maintaining quality craftsmanship. They also offer a wide range of sewing and embroidery machines to help you choose the best as per your needs.

Many babylock embroidery machines are available in the market, and choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

Who makes baby lock sewing machines
Image Source: Krostrade

If you want to buy a babylock machine, you should have complete knowledge of each model available on the market.

The following are some popular babylock embroidery machines for everyone. Make your purchase decision based on the complete understanding of each babylock machine. 

Babylock Zeal Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Babylock’s genuine collection of “Zeal” sewing and embroidery machines is perfect for all crafters. This versatile machine allows you to work with a wide variety of projects. 

Babylock zeal manual sewing machine
Image Source: Quality Sewing and Vacuum

It features a top-notch bobbin loading design with a quick-set drop-in bobbin system that can help you work with ease. This embroidery machine baby lock brand has 25 built-in stitches. 

You can just adjust stitch length and width to work on different embroidery ideas. 

Salient features:

    • Automatic one-step buttonhole
    • Free-arm
    • Drop feed
    • Electronic foot control
    • Twin-needle sewing
    • Automatic needle threader
    • Adjustable stitch length and width 

Babylock Brilliant Sewing Machine

This is one of the most popular and versatile babylock embroidery machines out there. Achieving excellence on different tasks is challenging and requires some brilliance. 

The babylock brilliant sewing and embroidery machine is an all-in-one package that allows you to use your creativity. It comes with many easy-to-use features to make your DIY embroidery project fun.

This machine is adjustable and suitable for advanced sewers, but beginners can also explore it. From garment quilting to home décor items, you can use a babylock brilliant sewing machine for every need.

Salient features:

    • Versatile
    • Easy-to-use
    • Hands-free presser foot lift
    • 190 built-in stitches
    • Automatic advanced needle threader
    • 850 stitches per minute 

Babylock Aventura II Sewing and Embroidery Machine

You will never go wrong with the babylock Aventura II sewing and embroidery machine. This is the best choice as per your budget, preference, and skill. This versatile and innovative embroidery machine will make your work easier, and you can focus on creativity.

Baby lock aventura embroidery machine
Image Source: Ruthies Notions 

This machine features a color LCD touchscreen, a large embroidery field, and 181 built-in embroidery designs. 

With two-way USB connectivity, you can download free embroidery software and install it on your computer to make more designs.

Important features:

    • 301 built-in stitches
    • Automatic needle threader
    • Color LCD touchscreen
    • Cut jump stitches
    • 181 built-in embroidery designs
    • 13 built-in embroidery fonts 

Babylock Acclaim Serger

Acclaim is the latest addition to babylock’s serger product line. Several technological advancements have to make babylock acclaim serger stand out. 

It offers easy-to-use functions that will make you fall in love at first sight. It has a lighting speed of 1500 stitched per minute. 

This serger features a generous workspace, easy needle and looper threading, a single-unit feed dog mechanism, and vertical needle penetration. It can deliver more than what you can think of.

Salient features:

    • 1500 stitches per minute
    • Three LED lights
    • Automatic looper threading
    • Automatic needle threading
    • Full-featured single unit feed
    • Looper drive system
    • Exclusive wave stitch 

Babylock Jubilant Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Babylock jubilant sewing and embroidery machine features 80 built-in stitches and feeds dogs that can be lowered by flipping a switch. 

Crafter babylock jubilant
Image Source: Underground Crafter 

It has a drop-in bobbin, an automatic needle threader, and seven snap-on feet for projects like monogramming, overcasting, and zigzag. 

Salient features:

    • 80 built-in stitches, including 30 decorative and 50 utility
    • 850 stitches per minute
    • Clear LCD screen
    • Variable stitch width of maximum 7mm
Pros Cons
Twin needle stitching Expensive
25-year warranty period  
Built-in thread cutter  

Babylock Solaris II Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery Machine

The sleekness of the design and display screen size are the noticeable features of the babylock Solaris II sewing, quilting, and embroidery machine. 

These embroidery machines are designed to keep the user’s flexibility in mind. It has an IQ designer, an IQ intuition monitoring app, and more than 865 built-in designs. 

The IQ intuition app will help you get notifications on your phone regarding the bobbing change.

Babylock Solaris will do all the hard work so that you can focus on creating out-of-the-box art.

Pros Cons
Endpoint setting for sewing and embroidery Expensive
10.1-inch touchscreen display  
Camera detecting buttonhole foot  

Babylock Accomplish sewing Machine

Want to make something unique? Choosing a babylock Accomplish sewing and embroidery machines. This machine is made for speed and helps you with quilting and sewing purses at home.

Embroidery machine babylock
Image Source: Pinterest

Key features:

    • Knee lift
    • 1500 stitches per minute
    • Quick threading system
    • Extension table
    • Pin feed system 

Babylock Alliance Embroidery Machine

The babylock alliance embroidery machine features a free-arm and single needle. It allows you to embroider with ease in small quarters and 3D projects. 

They are designed with magnetic hoops for babylock embroidery machines that take your embroidery project to the next level. 

You can make pockets, embroider stuffed animals, and sleeves with a babylock alliance embroidery machine. 


    • 8 x 8 inches embroidery field
    • 25 built-in embroidery fonts
    • IQ technology
    • 1000 stitches per minute 

Babylock Flourish Embroidery Machine

Expand your imagination and create unique projects with the babylock flourish embroidery machine. This embroidery machine offers comprehensive features so that you can start right away with your project. 

Babylock flourish embroidery machine
Image Source: Sewing Insights

It also allows you to customize your project as per your needs. The IQ technology will do all the editing on the LCD touchscreen so that you can thrive.


    • LCD touch screen
    • Advanced needle threader
    • 13 built-in embroidery fonts and 181 built-in designs
    • 6-1/4 x 10-1/4 inches embroidery field 

Babylock Intrepid Embroidery Machine

Looking for babylock multi-needle embroidery machine reviews? Then the babylock intrepid embroidery machine is perfect for you. The babylock 6 needle embroidery machine comes with all the features you need to harness your embroidery project. 

You can create amazing high-end embroidery pieces using its high-definition touchscreen. 

Not satisfied with 86 built-in designs? Use USB connectivity to load your embroidery software and create your masterpiece.


    • 37 built-in fonts
    • 1000 stitches per minute
    • TruView IPS LCD screen
    • 6 needle babylock embroidery machine
    • 86 built-in designs

Babylock Spirit Embroidery Machine

Need to turn your ideas into reality? All you need is a babylock spirit embroidery machine. The modern babylock machine is powered by many useful features. 

Babylock spirit embroidery machine
Image Source: Yazirwan Sewing

The IQ technology-powered needles feature the exact needle position on the fabric to help you make more accurate embroidery. 

This amazing babylock enterprise embroidery machine has many other essential features, making it perfect for many DIY projects.


    • 1050 SPM
    • Two USB ports
    • 7 x 12-inch embroidery field
    • 19 built-in fonts and 140 frame patterns
    • 266 built-in designs 

Babylock Ellure Embroidery Machine

Babylock Ellure embroidery machine comes with IQ technology, making it easy to access the machine’s settings. The easy-to-use design editing tools can help you make exceptional embroidery at home. 

This babylock embroidery machine also features 106 built-in designs and 187 stitches so that you can make the perfect stitch for every project.


    • 120 frame patterns
    • Six built-in fonts
    • 5 x 7 inches embroidery area
    • 106 built-in designs
    • 650 stitches per minute 

Babylock Valiant 10-needle Embroidery Machine

Get ready to showcase your creativity and spirit with the babylock 10 needle embroidery machine. This versatile embroidery machine helps you sew with 10 needles and 1000 stitches per minute speed. 

If you are looking for industrial power at home, then the babylock valiant 10-needle embroidery machine is perfect. Let a valiant embroidery machine help you grow your small business.


    • Needle Cam digital camera
    • 10.1 TruView IPS TFT LCD screen
    • Five LED lights
    • Three USB drives
    • Front loading bobbin system
    • 120 built-in designs
    • 1000 stitches per minute 

Comparison Between Babylock Sewing Embroidery Machines and Brother Embroidery Machines

Baby Lock and Brother are popular brands when it comes to choosing embroidery machines. There are many other brands available in the market. Each embroidery machine brand has its own strength and weakness.

If you are confused about which brand you should choose for your embroidery project, then we have made it simpler.

Let’s take a look at some of the major differences between Brother Vs. Babylock sewing embroidery machines in the below comparison table.

Points Babylock Brother
Functionality Comparable to Brother Comparable to Babylock
Features Identical to Brother Identical to Babylock
Built-in stitches

Varies by model

For example, Babylock Brilliant comes with 190 built-in stitches

Varies by model

For example, Brother HC1850 comes with 150 built-in stitches

Stitches per minute Babylock Accomplish can stitch 1500 per minute Brother PQ1500SI can stitch 1500 per minute
Durability High-quality production ensures the best durability in all models Low-end models are less durable
Affordability Tend to be more expensive Cheaper
Customer service Outstanding customer service that highlights their focus and passion for embroidery and sewing Support depends on where you buy the product from
Mechanicals or Computerized Identical to Brother Manufactured more mechanical and computerized machines

Babylock Embroidery Machine Troubleshooting: FAQs

Here are some of the babylock embroidery machine troubleshooting questions to clarify your confusion. 

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Babylock Machine?

You should clean your babylock sewing and embroidery machine once a month. Depending upon your usage, you can even do it twice a month. 

What Should I Do if My Babylock Machine is Jammed?

This is a common problem with all sewing machines. To avoid jamming in your babylock sewing machine, you must ensure the needle is free from all kinds of bending. 

What is the Solution to Skipped Stitches?

Don’t use ballpoint needles for embroidery. When you use the wrong needle for fabric, you will see that the stitches are skipped. Look for the babylock multi-needle embroidery machine for better outcomes. 

Babylock embroidery machine prices
Image Source: Martha Stewart

Are Babylock Embroidery Machines Good?

Babylock embroidery machine troubleshooting is perfect for anyone. They might not be popular as Brother and Singer brands, but they are worth every penny. 

You will also get all features of babylock embroidery machines that can be found in top-end sewing machines of other brands. 

Babylock sewing and embroidery machines are good, and you can check out the above-listed machines available in the market. 

Are Babylock Embroidery Machines Reliable?

Indeed. Babylock embroidery machines are reliable and trustworthy. They are made in the factory of Brother brand and assure high-quality standards. 

Where Are Babylock Machines Manufactured?

Most of the babylock machines are manufactured in Japan. The other baby lock sewing machine units are made in various countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Taiwan. 

Babylock embroidery and sewing machine quide
Image Source: Nancy Zieman On Flickr

Where Can I Buy Babylock Sewing and Embroidery Machines?

If you are looking to buy a babylock embroidery machine, then you must visit the official website and find a reliable retailer. Just enter your zip code, and you will see nearby retailer shops. 

These retailers also have many babylock embroidery machine for sale. Choose the one that comes with a longer warranty period and excellent support service. 

What Kind of Fabric Can Babylock Machines Deal With?

The babylock sewing and embroidery machines are known for their ability to deal with different types of fabrics. You can use Velvet, Cork, Leather, Vinyl, or even fake fur. They all are easy to handle. 

What is the Lifespan of Babylock Machines?

Babylock machines are long-lasting and come with a 25-30 years warranty. 

Wrap Up

Nobody wants to spend money on a product that doesn’t satisfy their basic needs. Babylock embroidery and sewing machines are one of the best brands when it comes to embroidery machines.  

Baby lock embroidery machines are known for excellence and high-quality products. They are a trustworthy brand. 

People often avoid buying a babylock embroidery machine as these embroidery machines are expensive, but if you are flexible with your budget, then babylock machines are your go-to partner. 

We know that choosing the right babylock embroidery machine can be a challenging task. The above information will help you understand each model available in the market and help you make a more informed decision.

If you decide to give it a chance, you will not regret it. 

Happy sewing!