17+ sewing gifts – ideas and inspiration

People love gifts a lot. If you give out a beautiful gift, you’re going to be appreciated. It is one of the best ways to impress your family, friends, and loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced sewist. There are a lot of sewing gifts that you can easily make. For perfect gift ideas, you should check the list below. It contains great DIY gifts to sew

Makeup Case

It is one of the best gifts to sew for friends. Makeup cases are easy to make. You can even customize them in any style that you like. If you want a case that would last for a long time, you should use quality fabric. You can always wash it whenever it gets dirty. You can use several colors to make a makeup case. If you know the favorite color of the person you want to give the gift to, you can use it in making the case. Makeup cases are perfect gifts to sew for girls.

Applique handbag

When you want to sew easter gifts, you should consider applique handbags. Even though applique looks difficult, it can be an easy technique for you. By applying reverse applique, you can always create beautiful new patterns.

Even as you try to make the bag beautiful, you shouldn’t forget about quality. To give it a good structure, the sturdy fabric should be used in making the bag. Since women love them, you can make applique handbags as mother’s day gifts to sew. Since you don’t need many materials, handbags are small gifts to sew

Handprint Pillow

Handprint pillows are unique baby gifts to sew. First of all, you can ask your children to choose from a lot of fabric prints. After they choose their favorite one, their handprint should be traced on the fabric. Then you can cut out shapes. As you can use only one shape, you can also use different shapes in making a handprint pillow. The last step is to stitch the shapes on your fabric pillow. If you’re in need of custom woven labels, you can start to design here.

Sheer scarf

It is one of the easiest sewing gifts to make. Sheer scarfs are perfect mother’s day gifts to sew. They are also nice gifts to sew for girls. You just need a good fabric or a delicate sheer. Some of the best fabrics that you can use are chiffon and georgette. You can also add embellishments. To make perfect edges, you have to use hems. Rolled hems can be created by hand or sewing machines. With our customized hangtags, you can embellish your quilts.

Tea towels

Just like the sheer scarf, tea towels are easy gifts to sew for everyone. After selecting a recipe or your choice, it should be written on a towel. As you can use a marking pen, you can also use a pencil to write the recipe. Unlike printed words, you can embroider script easily. You just have to make use of embroidery floss. It would help you in stitching words. You can give tea towels as easy sew Christmas gifts. Tea towels are one of the most popular things to sell on Etsy.

Fabric bookmarks

Does your sibling or friend love to read? You can make bookmarks and give them. While making one, you should try to make it blend with their style. To finish the edges smoothly, you can use a vintage ribbon. People love the touch of glam. To make one, you just have to add a ribbon. If you’re still not satisfied with how the fabric bookmark looks, you should add a rubber stamp. You can include the initials of your friend on the stamp.

Wine Tote

You should consider wine totes when you want to sew easter gifts. People love wine totes. They even love it better when their favorite wine is inside. Wine totes help to keep bottles clean and safe. To pad it better, you can quilt on the tote. If there are stitching patterns you’re willing to experiment on, you can even try them out on your tote. You can make them as Christmas gifts to sew for friends. Since you’re not going to use a lot of fabrics, wine totes are small gifts to sew

Spa bathrobe

Unlike a bathrobe, you might find it difficult to make other clothes. You are not going to need finicky fitting on a spa bathrobe. That is why it is easy to make one. To give your bathrobe a touch of luxury, make use of a soft fabric. It would even be better if it is a silky one. Your bathrobe will look relaxed and elegant. Bathrobes are unique baby gifts to sew.

Travel duffel

Travel duffels are not just beautiful, they are stylish. You can make different types of the duffel. People prefer the ones with a modern look. To give your travel duffel a modern look, you should add side pockets and create it in a box shape. Since the side pockets are not too deep, you won’t find it difficult to take things that are inside. Travel duffel is one of the best things to sew for gifts.

Patchwork Quilt

Unlike the other gifts to sew for friends, a patchwork quilt would take you more time. To make it special and beautiful, you have to plan how to make it carefully. The best fabrics that you can use are the ones found in baby blankets, uniforms, or other clothes of great importance. That is how to make your quilt bring back the memories. You can also add a tag where you can write about what inspired you to make the quilt.

Gardening Apron

You should only make a gardening apron for someone that likes to garden. So that all gardening tools can be kept in the apron at once, you should make it with a big pocket. A big and quality apron would help keep dust from staining the clothes of any gardener. To make one, only fabrics with synthetic fibers should be used.

Stitched cards

Unlike the majority of the sewing gifts listed above, new sewists will find it easy to make stitched cards. You can even sew many gifts for your friends. You just need to master how to handle your needle and thread. With a pencil, you can draw out the shape of the heart on your cardstock. Then create holes by piercing your cardstock with an awl. If there are marks left, you should erase them.

Kitchen Apron

If your friend or sibling is a foodie, you can gift them an apron. With a good apron, you won’t stain your clothes while cooking. Aprons can be made in a lot of styles. Choose a style that would fit your friend or anyone that you intend to give an apron. To make it comfortable for people to use your apron, you should make it with a light fabric. Kitchen aprons are great DIY gifts to sew.

Flower bouquet

Just like stitched cards, a flower bouquet can be made by new sewists. Since you might find it difficult to cut out the shapes, you can ask someone to help you. You should add the shapes that you cut together. The number of shapes you add will determine the thickness of your flower bouquet. After placing buttons in the middle, you should stitch. Flower bouquets are perfect Christmas gifts to sew for friends.

Market Bags

As market bags can be made with sewing machines, they can also be made by hand. If you want to get better at sewing, you should try to sew many gifts by hand. Since market bags are easy to make, you can only make them stand out if you use a nice design. The best material to use is quality fabric. That is how you can make washable market bags. Market bags can be given out as easy sew Christmas gifts. During Christmas, they are one of the most popular things to sell on Etsy. Also take a look at our custom clothing labels and tags.

Sleep Mask

The scent of lavender is known to have a lot of uses. It could help you sleep faster and easier. After making a face mask, you can add lavender buds. Only dried ones should be used. To keep the lavender buds in place, you should include an elastic strap. To make the lavender buds more effective, you should add them to silky masks. Sleep Masks are great things to sew for gifts.

Note envelope

People often misplace notes and mementos because they don’t keep them well. With a note envelope, you can avoid that. Note envelopes are easy gifts to sew for everyone. You just have to fold felt into the shape of an envelope. Ensure that you have enough overlaps. If the overlaps are not enough, the flaps won’t stitch easily.