12+ sewing business ideas

If your hobby is sewing, you shouldn’t only do it for fun. You can make a lot of money from sewing. As you can make sewing a part-time business, you can also make it a full-time business. It depends on your level of commitment. Some great sewing business ideas to get you started are listed below. After studying them, you would know how to start a sewing business.


Sewing business ideas has always been important. If you’re well-skilled in sewing, you’re going to have a lot of customers. You just have to be hardworking. Just like other businesses, the sewing business has its limitations. For instance, you can’t sell much online. If you want a lot of customers, you have to take the advertisement seriously. Making plans to advertise is one of the great alteration business ideas. You should get to know all the local shops around you.

To sell your services faster, you should meet dry cleaners and people that run other businesses in the clothing line. It is one of the best alteration business ideas. Local dry cleaners are the ones that can easily recommend you to customers. At times, you might have to pay them a commission. It is also one of the most important home based sewing business ideas


Customization is important in sewing. It helps people to identify your products faster. At times, it might even be a little addition that would result in a great change. There are different ways you can customize. You will even need equipment for some customizations. If you’re working with fabrics, you will make use of embroidery. It is the most popular method of customizing fabrics.

To customize uniforms, all you have to do is add logos. You should always add a business logo. When you understand the theme of a particular football team or school, you can customize certain products to fit in with them.

If you meet big fans of such teams or schools, they would purchase from you. In some cases, a customer might ask you to make certain customizations for a particular project. You don’t have to add too much of your sewing business ideas in that case. Just make sure that you understand what the customer wants. Interpret it well and take the time to produce something beautiful.

Pet Accessories

A lot of people consider their pets as part of the family. Pet parents purchase harnesses, beds, and other things that pets can use to play. Since the demand for those things is high, you can specialize in making them and earn much daily. Before you go into that area, you should have had an interest in animals.

To get more customers, you should meet pet supply stores and secure a deal with them. You can even become popular if people offering your services are not much. Since you would have to stitch some pet accessories, you might use the chance to start learning how to start stitching business.


There are two ways in which you can earn from quilting. As you can handle piecing and quilting by yourself, you can also be quilting what another person has pieced. Doing both piecing and quilting will earn you more but you would be faster if you only quilt. If you’re specialized in quilting, you should get a quilting machine. It would help you to carry out a lot of projects at once. Some people refer to quilting as sewing from home business.

Bridal wear

People spend so much on their wedding gowns. They try to make it as neat and beautiful as possible. After the wedding, it is normal not to wear it again. For some of them, the wedding gown would remain the most expensive item that they’ve ever purchased. The best fabrics are used in making wedding gowns. Bridal wear is one of the great fabric business ideas. If you’re interested in those kinds of things, you can learn how to make them. You’re going to be making huge profits.

Weddings are always stressful. If you’re not experienced, you might not be able to cope with the pressure. To avoid stress, you should plan your work well. Before you start to make a wedding dress, you should have collected at least a half payment.

Wedding dresses are not easy to make. You should start making them days before the wedding of your clients. You should also interact with them frequently. It would help you know if you’ve to make changes or not. Making bridal wear is one of the most profitable clothing business ideas.


Handmade toys are popular among kids. From bunnies to art dolls, you can make almost all the popular toys in fabrics. Since it is one of the best fabric business ideas, you can even make it a home sewing business plan. You don’t even need a sewing machine. It is one of the home based sewing business ideas. You can always make toys with a few tools. Make sure that you make your toys in a way that would be safe for kids. Your toys shouldn’t expose them to hazards of any form.

Costume designer

It is one of the best sewing business tips. People make a lot from costume designing. There are various kinds of costume designs. The one you choose depends on your skillset. As some costume designers work with stage plays, others work with different ones. Some of them even make costumes for dance companies.

Since there are various types of costumes, the market is large. You don’t have to learn all the types. Just stick to the ones you know and try to improve. If you’re yet to learn any type of costume, you just have to find out the best one for your skillset.

Embroidery kits

If you want a better way to sell a lot of patterns, you should make embroidery kits. If you’ve been interested in embroidered items, you would find it easy to make them. Since you’re going to be stitching while making embroidery kits, it can be your first step in learning how to start stitching business.

Up cycler

If you’re into web or blog designing, you would find it easy to combine them with sewing. Just like the thrift stores that started small, you can also grow your business from scratch.  As your business becomes big, you can even start to teach beginners and intermediate some of the techniques that you use to sew. You will get paid for your knowledge.

Dyed scarves

If you love to play with colors, you can start making scarves. Just know that you will dye them by hand. So it might be a little bit stressful. You can even use water marbling to attract a lot of customers to your products. The most important material that you need in making dyed scarves are silk. As long as you practice frequently, your sewing skills will continue to improve. It is sewing from home business. It is also one of the best clothing business ideas.

Production sewist

It is one of the most important sewing business tips. If you know how to cut patterns, you can consider going into production sewing. It is also recommended for people that know much about seam placement. Some big companies even employ off-site sewists. Those sewists are paid to create stock.

Since stock involves creating items of the same value and quantity, it can be boring. That shouldn’t discourage you. With time, you will get used to the work. If you want to be producing, you have to do it in a standard sewing shop. You shouldn’t do such a thing at home. You can also decide to help people that run handmade businesses around you. Even though it could be little, you would earn something.

Sewing lessons

If you have a passion for sewing, you would always feel motivated to sew. As you sew, you can even start to teach people how to start a sewing business too. It is a home sewing business plan. You can either teach them in their house or your shop. Classes can also be held at craft stores. The majority of craft stores have empty rooms that are meant for those kinds of things.