25+ Jaw-dropping Layer Cake Quilt Patterns to Consider

Dig deep into this delicious list of the best layer cake quilt patterns. 

Let everyone eat (layer) cake! The thought of delicious layer cake may bring water to people’s mouths, but it means something different to quilters around the world. 

The layer cake quilt is the term used to describe 10-inch squares of fabric that are sold in a pack of 42. These square fabrics are grouped together as per the color scheme, designs, or print to create a remarkable, cohesive quilt.

Matching the pattern, design, and finding the right fabric that compliments each other can be challenging, but quilt patterns using layer cakes make it easy. It also guarantees a gorgeous finish.

If you are a beginner or intermediate-level quilter, then learning layer cake patterns will help you experiment with other quilting patterns out there. 

Choose layer cake quilt patterns if you want to go for a fun project. These DIY quilt patterns are easy to sew and popular among quilters. 

Read on to find everything about layer cake quilting patterns and explore 30+ best layer cake quilt patterns and designs. 

Introduction to Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

When shopping for fabric sewing quilting, it can sometimes be challenging to find a matching fabric and design that go together.

One should go for layer cake pre-quilted fabric packs to avoid these issues.

Layer cake quilt pattern
Image Source: Silk Road Life 

Before we jump to layer cake quilt patterns, let’s understand what layer cake quilt is and some amazing patterns to kick start your journey. 

What Are Layer Cake Quilt Patterns?

Layer cake quilt patterns are not particular designs. They come in various colors and designs. The pre-cut layer cakes come in 10-inch squares in a bundle of 42. This number may vary.

Many designers try to use 42 different fabrics when playing around with patterned fabric from the precut pack.

If the fabrics they are working with don’t have 42 different fabrics, they will use some duplicates to bring 42 different squares.

When you work with a layer cake quilt, there are endless opportunities of playing with the pattern and fabric. As a beginner-level quilter, you get a chance to use your own creativity and create a unique design with different colors and designs in one quilt.

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How Many Squares Are in a Quilt Layer Cake?

A layer cake quilt has a total of 42 squares. Each square is 10 x 10 inches. Learn how to square up a quilt block with Superlabel Store. 

What Size Quilt Can You Make With Layer Cake?

The quilt size you can make with layer cake depends on the layer cake quilt patterns you choose.

Nine patch quilt
Image Source: Quilting Digest

For example:

If you ever sew all blocks and quilt backing fabric together to make a patchwork top of 42-10 inches squares, you will need to make seven rows which consist of six squares. 

The finished size of the quilt top will be 57 x 66 ½ inches, making it a great throw quilt. 

Do You Pre-Wash Layer Cakes?

No. Layer cake should not be washed before sewing. If you wash pre-cuts like charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls, fabric panels, etc., they will unravel, shrink, and no longer be in the standard size.   

26 Free and Easy Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

If there is one thing quilters are not enough of, it’s easy layer cake quilt patterns. These patterns are made of precut fabric scraps, and they are easy to work with. 

The layer cake quilt patterns are popular among quilters as they are cost-effective and allow one to use his creativity to make a gorgeous quilt.

Mod flower box light color idea
Image Source: Robin Pickens 

Superlabel Store offers some amazing, free quilting patterns listed below and encourages all quilters to begin their DIY quilting project.

The following are some jaw-dropping collections of layer cake quilt patterns that you can try using quilting thread and quilt kits at home. 

Easy Rag Quilt

Want to make a cozy quilt cake pattern for the whole family? Choose this quick and easy rag quilt pattern. Use layer cakes or any scrappy quilt leftover from your DIY quilting project. 

Put them together and make an amazing rag quilt pattern. This layer cake quilt pattern will save you a lot of time and help you learn how to baste a quilt

These are the fantastic quilt-as-you-go patterns that you can start while reading books to your grandkids or during the family game of charade. 

Baby’s Day Out Quilt

Looking for an easy and fun layer cake pattern for your baby? Choose this amazing, super fast layer cake pattern. 

Quilt patterns using layer cakes
Image Source: Pinterest

It is perfect for all busy quilters, and you can make it with eight pre cut or layer cakes. The best thing about this layer cake pattern is that no seams are needed to match except at the corner. 

Piece O’ Cake Quilt

Layer cake quilt patterns are the perfect ways to feature layer cakes or the bundle of 10 x 10 squares of fabric. 

This perfect 10-quilt pattern requires one layer of cake and 2-yards of fabric to create the top quilt. Once you know how to quilt as you go and create squares, you can switch between solid and cute little square patterns. 

Gingham Quilted Blanket Pattern

Nothing screams louder in summer than Gingham. The pattern blends different fabric designs and textures and allows you to create a colorful summertime décor. 

Easy layer cake quilt patterns
Image Source: A Bit of Scrap Stuff

With this quilt pattern, you can make blanket sizes ranging from crib to king size. The Gingham layer cake quilt pattern pdf comes with a downloadable instructional guide. 

Chrysalis Lattice Quilt Pattern

This is a beginner-level, super simple layer cake quilt pattern. You can create a beautiful quilt using a classy Chevron design in a single day. 

The finishing size of this baby quilt pattern is perfect for your grandchild. The best thing about this layer cake quilt pattern is that you can use two-layer cakes to create two quilts on a single weekend. 

Holiday Nights Layer Cake Pattern

With these amazing Christmas layer cake quilt patterns, get ready to showcase your quilting skills during the holidays. 

Quilt cake pattern
Image Source: Thread Graffiti

It uses giant flying geese to make a perfect quilt that embraces traditional and Christmas colors but still has a modern quilting touch. 

Ombre Layer Cake Baby Quilt

Our list of layer cake quilt patterns is incomplete with this simplest Ombre layer cake baby quilt. 

This stunning, jaw-dropping yet simple quilting pattern is great for beginners as it shows you how to bind a quilt and create a beautiful ombre effect. If you are a soon-to-be-mom, you must choose this quilt pattern for your baby shower. 

Huge Flying Geese with Layer Cakes Quilt

Do you want to make a huge layer cake quilt using traditional quilt blocks? Choose a Flying Geese pattern that requires minimal cutting and no-waste flying geese method. 

Three layer cake quilt pattern
Image Source: ReannaLily Designs

These cake mix quilt patterns are super fast to make and easy to assemble. The finished size of the bed-sized quilt is 54 x 54 inches. 

Triangle Parade Quilt

Daniela Stout offers this three-layer cake quilt pattern. You can use two-layer cakes or different 10-inch squares from scrappy fabric for striking this quilt. 

The pattern comes with clear directions and step-by-step instructions to help you smooth your quilting journey.

Pro tip: Use eye-catching, bright colors with low-volume fabrics to make a beautiful finished quilt using a triangle parade pattern. 

Rainbow Hearts Quilt

The rainbow hearts quilt pattern offered by Myranda Makes features half-square triangles in a big love heart shape. It is perfect for beginners to learn the patchwork

Slice of cake quilt pattern
Image Source: Cotton Cuts

The quilts of valor patterns come with detailed instructions so that you can make a colorful quilt in no time. 

Star Pop Quilt

Want to add a pop color to our home décor? Choose a Star Pop quilt pattern. This pattern features perfect square layer cakes and twinkling stars. 

You can learn how to applique on a quilt and use fabric to make easy squares and half-square triangles. Use the instruction guide to turn half-square triangles into incredible Sawtooth Star blocks with pop colors. 

Stay Square Quilt

Do you like simple squares and rectangles to make a quilt? Use this double slice layer cake quilt pattern free to blend different colors and prints in one picture and make a modern monochrome look. 

Hidden stars quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Entropy Quilt

Don’t let the complicated-looking pattern stop you from starting your DIY quilting project. Squats & Running Stitches offers the Entropy quilt, which is easy to make. 

The pattern is inspired by the chaos of life in the pandemic. The color combination of this pattern makes it look more complicated, but it is easy to make. 

Confetti Star Quilt

Material Girlfriends offer 10-layer cake quilt patterns in a neutral background. There are 12 different colors used in this pattern. 

Confetti star quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

All That Glitters Quilt

As the name suggests, this pattern is the perfect combination of mixed metallic fabrics and precut layer cake squares. 

It has a sleek white background fabric, and the edges allow the blocks to pack a bundle of colors and designs. Low Orth used two different layer cakes to achieve an incredible print. The digital version of this pattern is available on Apple News, Google Play, etc. 

Building Bricks Quilt

The Building Bricks quilt pattern includes 42 of 10 inches squares that use five inches of charm pre-quilted fabric for the background. 

Easy bricks tutorial
Image Source: Diary of a Quilter

This pattern is easy to understand, and you can just cut each layer of cake in half size to form the brick. Sew the ends of charm pre-cuts. 

Once you know how to tie a quilt, you will be able to finish this pattern. 

Layer Cake Links Quilt

The layer cake lemonade quilt pattern uses two-layer cakes. The pastel lemon colors show the stunning chain pattern with polka dots. 

Floralicious Quilt

The floralicious quilt pattern is easy to make. The colors and pattern will give you a tropical, vacation-like vibe. 

Easy layer cake quilt patterns tutorial
Image Source: Missouri Star Blog

Just Red Quilt

This is another applique quilt patterns that combines different shades of red and floral prints in a single pattern. With this layer cake block, you can also learn to make various patterns. 

Mayfair Quilt Pattern

These free moda layer cake quilt patterns are hand-drawn to represent the images of Piccadilly, Covent Garden, and Hyde. 

Cake mix quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

The highlight of the Mayfair quilt pattern is the flower. You can add some borders and create triangles to give it a stunning look. 

Pinwheel Lap Layer Cake Quilt

Another excellent layer cake quilt pattern that is fabulous for beginner quilters. The Pinwheel layer cake lap quilt pattern is made using two-layer cake. It is an easy, quick, and amazing afternoon pinwheel quilt pattern

Layer Cake Coin Quilt

The layer cake coin quilt pattern is one of the best ways to make a unique quilt. It is perfect for the couch. The finished size of this pattern is 67 x 77 ½ inches long. You can customize the pattern as per your requirement. 

Layer cake coin quilt
Image Source: She Quilts Alot

Double Slice Quilt

This is a double slice of cake quilt pattern offered by Julie Marie and designed by Jenny Doan from Missouri Quilt

This pattern helps you learn how to finish a double-layer cake pattern in no time. You will need a 10 inches layer cake to start making this pattern. If you are someone new to quilting, you must try this quilt pattern at home. 

Batik Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

The batik layer cake quilt patterns are perfect for the winter season. It is made from light and dark pre-quilted fabric

Island batik layer cake quilt
Image Source: Kate Colleran Designs

You can cut the layer cake into strips and make your blocks. Add some cornerstones, a few borders, and ta-da! Your beautiful batik layer cake quilt pattern is ready in no time. 

Modern Layer Cake Square in Square Quilt

This modern layer cake square in the square quilt is adorable and easy to make. Use rich red color fabric and balance it with some gray shades. 

Use a packet of layer cake to finish this pattern. The finished size of the modern quilt will be 51.5 x 60 inches. 

Layer Cake Checkmate Quilt Pattern

Do you love to make bright four big patches among the squares? Choose the layer cake checkmate quilt pattern. 

Checkmate quilt pattern
Image Source: A Bit of Scrap Stuff

It is a free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop that comes with detailed instructions. You can use neutral color in the background squares and make a beautiful picnic quilt or quilted table runner patterns


A layer cake quilt is one of the best ways to use those tasty stacks of fabric that can be found in your home. It allows you to repurpose fabric scraps while saving our beloved planet earth.

The layer cake quilt patterns are easy to try at home. Any beginner-level quilter can use his own quilting kit and start making a gorgeous quilt.

Once you master the art of making a quilt using layer cakes, you can go for more complicated patterns.

Superlabel Store offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide and round-ups on,

These tutorials and guides will help you understand the basics of quilting, and you can make your journey smoother.

Happy quilting!