How to Make Jeans Bigger: Tutorial With Tips and Tricks

If you ask any woman about her preferred forms of bottoms, 95% of the time, they will say jeans. It’s because jeans are comfortable and they are the one pair of bottoms you can depend on for any occasion.

There are so many studies that claim that jeans are women’s best friend and are better than any other bottoms.

Having ideal fitted jeans is just like a blessing. You know you have hit the jackpot when you get the perfect jeans. When that happens, you watch yourself in the mirror, admire yourself, and gain confidence in your walk by watching every curve, every angle.

Perfect fitted jeans are nothing but, a satisfaction that comes with achieving fashion’s one of the best pursuit.

Many times you don’t get the right fit. Sometimes jeans you purchase fit you too tight, and sometimes they just don’t give you the right curves. Skinny tight jeans look great, but with time and occasion, you wonder if you can make it bigger to help you feel more comfortable.

Do you also wish to make your jeans bigger? Then, this tutorial is made just for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we will help you understand how to make jeans bigger so that you can be more comfortable wearing them.

Before we proceed, let’s understand why people love to wear bigger or loose jeans on every occasion.

4 Reasons Women Love to Wear Bigger Jeans and Learn How to Make Jeans Bigger at Home

Since the back-to-school season is approaching, women are finding a way to make their jeans look more attractive. 

Bigger and broader jeans are the new fashion statements. It has set the standards for style and comfort without making an effort. 

How to make jeans bigger
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Here are some of the reasons why women have started loving oversized jeans and finding ways to learn how to make jeans bigger.

Because They Are Super Easy to Style

Just think about all the types of jeans you have in your wardrobe, can you style them in less than five minutes? The answer is no. 

Woman in blue denim jeans
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Many jeans need specific styling tips to help you look best. In the case of bigger jeans, you can slap together whatever hack you want because it will look super attractive.

Because They Feel Worth the Investment

Would you rather pay $150 for a pair of bigger jeans or $150 for skinny jeans that you can just wear at parties? Indeed. Bigger jeans are worth every penny spent on them. You can wear them anywhere without any hesitation.

Because They Are Durable

Jeans are made from different types of fabric like sturdy cotton twill. It makes it more durable, and you can put it through anything before it tears or falls apart.

Because They Allow You to Keep Breathing

It’s a pretty human right, but some or many pairs of jeans are guilty of holding stomach so tight that they make it impossible to breathe. It is not the most comfortable situation for any woman. 

Bigger jeans are designed to let you breathe and won’t limit your movement. When you learn how to make jeans bigger, you will be able to make comfortable fitting without sacrificing style and look factors.

7 Things to Check Before Learning How to Make Small Jeans Fit Your Body

Embark on your journey of how to make small jeans fit your body. Before we proceed, it is essential to first pay attention to some of the signs to understand if you need to make changes to your jeans or not.

Check the Fly

When you wear skinny jeans, do you feel like you need to unbutton your jeans to make yourself comfortable? That’s not a good sign, and that’s where you need to pay attention. 

If your jeans are too tight and you need to squash your rear or create an inseam pulling one side, you need to know how to sew or make changes in your jeans.

Pay special attention to the tightness of the jeans, as super tight jeans can disturb circulation and create other issues.

Watch for Extra Sagging

The small jeans will look bad when paired with a belt. This is a major sign you should pay attention to.

Look at the Wrinkles

How to make jeans waist bigger
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Wrinkles are one of the major signs that help you determine if you should learn how to make small jeans fit your body or not. Many designers say that the wrinkles facing inwards shows that your jeans are too tight or small.

Pinching or Red Marks on the Waist

How to make small jeans fit
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Suffering in fashion is not something cool. Nothing is worse than wearing a pair of jeans that cause you red marks on the waist. You don’t have to squeeze yourself in order to look sexy. 

If your jeans are pinching your belly, then it’s time to learn to sew how to make the jean waist bigger.

Check Horizontal Lines

The horizontal lines are the ones that are between the front crotch area to hips. This line happens when the jeans’ hip part is too tight or small. 

It is essential to make some room around the hip area and learn how to make skinny jeans looser.

Too Tight in Thighs and Backside

How to make tight jeans fit
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Some skinny jeans are designed to fit your body and highlight your curves. There is also a small transparent line that defines being a body fit and too tight.

If it feels like the jeans fabric is stretching or your booty is getting too much definition, then your jeans are too small. It needs some changes. 

Learning how to make jeans bigger in thighs will help you get the utmost comfort while saving you from the embarrassment of an inner-thigh-rip down the road.

Check the Zippers

Are you the one who lay on the bed to get a pair of jeans on? Do you have to make a lot of effort trying to shut the zippers? 

Those too-tight-for-comfort jeans should have a space for zippers to move. It’s time to make those jeans bigger.

Methods of How to Make Jeans Waist Bigger With Sewing

You have got these jeans, but it’s very tight around the waist? No worries, as this happens to everyone.

How to make pants bigger
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Finding perfect-fit jeans is like a dream for everyone, but those jeans are rare. Sometimes it fits your fits but gets a bit tighter on the thighs, and sometimes when it fits on the thighs, you feel difficulty breathing because the waist is too tight.

What do you do when your jeans get tighter? Do you just throw it? No. right? You try to find some ways to make it bigger so that you can still wear it.

If you are the one whose jeans get tighter, then these tips, tricks, and some techniques are for you. In this section of how to make jeans waist bigger, you will find some of the amazing ways to make your jeans bigger.

Here are the three best methods, tips, and tricks for you.

Adding Extension Patches to Expand Jeans

Extension patches or panels are the most popular ways people opt for when it comes to how to make jeans waist bigger. In this method, you need to add a piece either on the seam’s side or the center back. 

How to expand jeans waistband
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This can give a complete new life to your jeans and offer you the utmost comfort while being cute and fashionable.

Choose a type of fabric that compliments your jeans’ color and gives a natural look. Don’t forget to check the care labels as they will help you while washing them. 

Be as creative as you can and begin your journey of how to make jeans bigger in the waist. Follow these steps:

    • The first thing you need to do is to get a proper measurement. Use tape measures and start by measuring around your waist, hips, and thighs. 
    • You also have to measure the distance between your waistline and your body’s broadest area. At last, you need to measure the jeans’ waist while it is buttoned.
    • When it comes to patch/panel, you can create and customize the patch/panel using hang tags or get a ready-made one.
    • Now comes the cutting part. Start cutting the jeans to the length of your panel or patch. Turn it inside and out and start stitching from side to side together with the sewing fabric’s inner seam. This will prevent stitches from unraveling.
    • Now, pin the patches or panels on your favorite pair of jeans.
    • Start sewing the patch to the denim using an overcasting foot and stitch. Keep ½ inch for seam allowance. 
    • If you have a serger machine, then it will be great. Set regular stitch if your sewing machine is not capable of the overcasting stitch.
    • Now iron the seam and turn the fabric on the right side out. Start sewing a straight stitch down to both sides of the patches. Do hand stitch on the top fold so that the patch can lay on the jeans in a proper way.

Inserting Extension at the Center Back of Your Jeans

Do your jeans have a center back belt loop? Leverage is using a seam ripper.

    • Start cutting the center back to the yolk with a scissor. How much you should cut down depends upon the space you need around your hips.
    • Make sure the fabric you choose complements the jeans. Cut and fold the material. Fold in half and cut in twice the length.
    • Get your pins and pin the fabric in place. Now, set a zigzag stitch on the border of the jeans. Make sure you do a high-intensity stitch.
    • Trim the extra fabric, and don’t cut the fabric; you just stitch. Keep at least 0.25-inch space for the fabric on the border.

How to lengthen kids jeans
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Adding an Elastic Extension to Expand Jeans

If you are not comfortable with the above-listed method of how to make your jeans bigger, then this trick is for you. Just in case your jeans fit your body, but the button is not closing, then follow this method.

In this method, you don’t have to add an extra patch. You can utilize an elastic extension to close your button with ease.

How to insert elastic into jeans
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Just buy a ready-made pack of elastic waistband extensions and follow these steps:

    • Make sure the elastic has the same width as your jeans’ waistband.
    • Remove the jeans’ waistband using a seam ripper and mark your belt using pins so that you don’t rip off the entire waistband.
    • Now start cutting the marked waistband and pin the elastic from the sides. 
    • Keep ¼ seam allowance and start sewing from backward to forward multiple times.
    • Now, sew the other side of the elastic and reset the waistband. Pin it in the right place and sew it. Use stretching and feed foot to achieve smooth sewing.

Once you finish sewing, then your comfy jeans are ready to wear!

Method of How to Make Jeans Bigger Without Sewing

Have you ever learned how to make clothes without sewing? If not, then this section will be an amazing part for you.

Don’t know how to make the waist bigger on jeans using sewing tools? Don’t give up so soon. 

Here are some of the ways you can still begin your journey of how to make tight pants loose.

Using Water

In this method, you need to lay your jeans on the floor. Now, take a water bottle filled with lukewarm water. Spray on the jeans area that you want to stretch until it’s 100% soaked. Do this one on both sides of the jeans.

Now, stand on the pockets and pull and stretch the wet area by keeping both hands in. Reapply water if needed. Do it for 10 minutes and let your jeans air dry.

Wash Your Jeans and Wear Them in the Sun

How to make jeans looser
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This is another easy method of how to make tight jeans fit. Follow these steps:

Wash your jeans in cold water in five minutes or use a washing machine. Now, wear that wet jeans and step out in the sun. 

Wear them until it’s 100% dry and move around during this time. Do squats, cartwheels, or bend. It will help jeans stretch and fit your body shape.

Open the Seam Between the Legs of the Pants

Do you know opening the seam between legs can fit your jeans around the thigh area? Yes, it is possible. Learn how to make your pants looser by opening the inseam:

    • Measure the thighs and width of your jeans.
    • Check the insides of your pants to understand how much material you need to let out for the seam.
    • Suppose you need jeans to be an inch bigger, then you need ½ inch of the fabric to make the right fit.

Note: This method works for some brands’ jeans and may not work for another brand. Make sure you check the measurement and see if it works for your jeans.

Taking a Warm Bath

Wondering how to make skinny jeans looser? Then this method is for you. Just put on your skinny, tight jeans. 

Fill a bathtub with lukewarm water and just sit in for about 15 minutes. Now, take the jeans off and remove water from them. Lay it on a flat surface, and air dry your jeans.

Using a Hairdryer

In this method, you need to keep the jeans on a flat surface. Now, take a hairdryer and apply heat to your jeans. 

Make sure you keep some distance between jeans and a hairdryer. Do not forget to apply heat on the backside of the jeans. 

Now, take your jeans and stretch them in opposite directions. It’s ready! Put on your jeans you will see the difference.

Using a Hanger

Mens denim trends
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This method of how to make a jean’s waist bigger without sewing requires a washing machine

Wash your jeans in the washing machine and choose an ordinary hanger. Place it on the waistline of your jeans while it’s still wet.

Note: The hanger should be wide enough to stretch the waistline.

Let your jeans air dry, and they will be ready to wear.

Things to see after learning How to make jeans fit better

Till this point, you have understood different methods of how to make jeans fit better or how to make jeans looser around the waist. 

Having ideal-fit jeans is every women’s dream. The right fit inspires confidence and gives peace of mind. Finding that rare piece is a challenge.

How to make pants loose
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When you choose a generic model or size of jeans, you need to adjust to make it the right fit as per your body shape. 

What if you have some guidelines or tips that you can keep in mind while purchasing jeans or different types of clothes?

You can also keep this guideline in mind once you make some changes to your favorite pair of jeans. Here it is.


When you are learning how to make jeans fit better, you should consider the ideal fit of the waist. Once you make changes, the jeans should fit around the waistline in a proper way. 

There should not be any “bubble” or gap at the top. It is also recommended to purchase jeans that have elastic material so that they will be easy for you to alter.


Make tight pants fit
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In an ideal way, the hips of the jeans should be either too narrow or wide. If it fits anywhere else, then you need to make further changes. 

Don’t just go after an attractive look. Choose comfort first. If you are comfortable, then you can look beautiful and build confidence.

Tightness Around Thighs

Tightness and fitting are two different things that you need to understand. In this guide, we talked about how to make jean shorts bigger, but there should also be some fitting. 

Having little loose jeans around the thigh area that fits your body looks incredible and gives you utmost comfort. Make sure you sit down, do some squats, or bend to check if you have tightness around the thigh area or not. 

If you feel tightened, then choose any method from the above-listed methods and start making your jeans bigger.


We all have a special connection to our favorite pair of jeans. Sometimes our favorite pair of jeans becomes too tight. We often think of throwing it and thinking of purchasing a new one.

If you know that some methods and tricks are available which can be used to make your jeans bigger, then you won’t think of throwing them.

The above-listed techniques and methods will help you satisfy your questions of “how to make jeans bigger” with or without sewing.

Whatever works for you could be in any of these steps. Use this guide to save you from embarrassment while keeping you fashionable and cute.

Start making some alterations and save your favorite pair of jeans today. Don’t forget to give a personalized touch to your DIY upcycle jeans project with super easy, high-quality custom woven labels from the Superlabel store.