30+ DIY and Crafting bloggers

If you want to be crafty, you need a good blog to inspire you. As there are a lot of blogs that deal with crafting, you might be confused about the one to visit. You might even spend a whole day reading those blogs without actually doing anything. That is why you have to check the list below. It contains 30+ DIY bloggers.

From kid wears to interior design, you will get the inspiration to craft a lot of things from the blogs. Some of them also offer tutorials. If you plan your time well and watch the videos, you would be inspired enough to start any project that you like.

Vintage Revivals

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, enthusiast, or professional. You would learn a lot from Mandi’s blog. Even when you start losing interest in DIY, her words would inspire you and put you on the right track. Mandi loves to carry out every project well. Even for a single project, you can always find different techniques to carry it out on her blog. The blog is highly recommended for people who want to reconstruct a thrift store. You would also learn a lot of things if you’re making accessories.

With Heart

It is one of Jennifer’s blog wings. From home improvement to various crafts, she discusses her DIY projects there. Her works are so beautiful and stylish. That is why the demand for her services is so high. She has worked on so many projects. Some of her recent projects were made for Women’s Day and the likes. For detailed instructions on crafting, you should check her blog.

Aunt Peaches

Aunt Peaches is a popular artist that has worked with a lot of retailers and magazines. She is also known as Amanda. To share her knowledge, she created a blog where she shares a lot of things. If you want to know how to make a particular craft, you should just search for it on her blog. She has posted how to make a lot of crafts. You might just be lucky enough to find yours there.

Red Ted Art

It is a popular blog owned by Maggy Woodley. Maggy Woodley is based in the United Kingdom. Her children inspire her to craft. She even derived the name of the blog from her son’s nickname. Since she loves everything about family, she made her blog to be family-friendly. If you’re advanced in crafting, you can also learn a lot of things from her blog. It is highly recommended for people that practice Origami and quilling.

DIY playbook

Unlike the other DIY blogs above, the DIY playbook was created by two people. They are Bridget and Casey. They created the blog to share their experience in crafting. They are real and different from a lot of DIY blogs. As they post about their success, they also post about their failures. If you want to learn fast, you should check their mistake page. It would help you avoid making common crafting mistakes. So you will develop at a fast rate.

4 Design

It was created by a German named Julia. When she arrived in the U.S on an internship, she stayed and got married there. She is a well-trained design designer. On her popular blog, she posts DIY crafts and interior designers. Julia loves pets a lot. She also has a special interest in projects that are with pets. If you don’t know the DIY project to work on, you can check some of her DIY crafts. You would likely see one that you like.

Damask Love

Amber’s blog is all about crafting. She started crafting when she was young. There was even a time that she offered to pay her allowances with stickers. Since she was in love with crafting, she made it her full-time work. To do that, she had to leave her previous work. She was a child psychologist. To make it easier for people to view her crafting blog, she arranged all her craft projects by type.

Happy day!

If you have the right mindset, every day can be a happy day for you. You can always find something to make you rejoice. If you find it difficult to find one, you should visit the happy day blog. As it contains ideas on party decorations, it also contains ideas on household makeovers. It is arguably one of the best DIY blogs that you can find anywhere. You should always visit the blog in festive periods. It would guide you on how to craft better.

I Made This

It was created by Erica Domesek. It is the perfect blog for fashion clothes and items. From the blog, you would get embellishments tips to help you improve the design of your clothes. You can also improve your creativity by crafting new accessories from scratch. From the blog, you can even learn how to craft new things from kitchen ingredients. There are a lot of kitchen ingredients that can be used to craft beauty products. Embellish your quilt with customized hangtags of your choice

Thanks, I Made It

When you compliment crafters, a lot of them respond by saying “Thanks, I have made it”. That is where they derived the name of this blog. If you’re not willing to specialize in any area of crafting, it is the best blog for you. It covers almost everything. You would also learn how to craft beautiful items from cheap materials. If you’re only interested in a particular type of crafting, it is not the perfect blog for you.

Paper and stitch

It was created by an art teacher named Brittni Mehlhoff. For years, Brittni Mehlhoff taught art in high school. She was even teaching the subject when she just created Paper and Stitch. Within a short time, she was successful with the blog. So she made it her full-time job.

Brittni Mehlhoff practiced how to work with different kinds of fabrics, paint, and the likes. She would post every experience that she gained during practice. As her blog became bigger, she started to include the idea of different crafters. So you won’t only learn from her. You would also gain from other experienced crafters.

Centsational Style

Even though people think that it doesn’t cost much to make DIY projects, it isn’t true for every one of them. To craft some products, you’re going to spend a lot on materials. The only exception is if you visit Centsational style. To craft beautiful items without spending much, you should visit Kate Riley’s blog.

Beautiful Mess

It was created by two sisters. Their names are Emma and Elsie. They specialize in posting how to craft handmade products. Recently, they’ve started to grow a large audience. If you don’t know the right pattern to use on a sewing project, you can check their blog. You would surely find a pattern that suits your project. They also offer tips that can help make your project to be more stylish.


If you want to keep up with the latest crafting trends, you should visit Jamie’s blog. She has explained how to craft some fun projects on her page. Whenever you’re bored, you can just visit the blog. You will surely learn a thing or two. Instead of spending much on gifts, you should visit the blog and learn how to craft some beautiful gifts. From beginners to professionals, C.R.A.F.T. is recommended for everyone interested in crafting.

Crafts Unleashed

Unlike the others, crafts unleashed is managed by a team. Since a lot of professionals post on the blog, you can learn a lot of things there. You might just have to take your time and study well. Even if you don’t know what to craft, just visit the blog. You would surely find something that you can craft in a few minutes. During holidays, they post a lot of new crafting ideas. It is the best time to visit the blog.

Hello Glow

If you’re interested in handy DIY projects, you should visit Hello Glow. You will find a lot of projects that you can practice. Even though they post more beauty projects, you can still find handmade projects there. They give the best tips on crafting fashion and interior decoration projects. Unlike the other blogs discussed below, Hello Glow is more of a lifestyle blog. That is why it is unique and different in style.

Jacks and Kate

Jacks and Kate were created by Krisha. Krisha has always been a busy person. Even though she had a small business, she still worked as a banker. The mom of four kids has now made blogging her full-time job. That move has made it possible for her to have enough time for her family. Her blog is focused on crafting for kids. If you have kids who love to craft, you should introduce the blog to them. Take your business to another level by making use of care labels.


From flower arrangements to use hacks, there are a lot of tips that you can get from visiting poppytalk. There are well-detailed guidelines on how to craft different items. There is a high chance that you will find one that you like. They also update the site regularly. So you should make sure that you visit frequently. You can also go there if you don’t have enough motivation to craft. Some words will inspire you and get you started with something.

You think You’re crafty

It is one of the most interesting blogs that you can ever find. While competitions are held between different crafters, you will feel inspired to work better. They change competitors in 10 weeks. If you’re confident enough, you can even join the competition. After each competition is held, the competitors will list steps of how they carried out their projects. So you won’t only enjoy the competitions, you will also learn how to craft new items.

We are scout

It is a DIY blog created by Lisa Tilse. The blog will introduce you to the world of crafting. After studying a few things there, you’re going to be inspired. If you don’t know how to carry out a project that you like, you should check the site for tutorials. As time goes, your crafting skills are going to improve massively. You just have to exercise patience.

Lovely Indeed

At first, Chelsea’s aim was not to create a blog that will attract a large audience. She just wanted a place where she can easily organize her important projects. Anytime she thinks about a new idea, she would include it in the blog. Since a lot of things are on the website, you can get DIY projects for any aspect. You just have to click on the search tool and input your keywords. If you search without that tool, you might waste your time.

Almost makes perfect

Unlike the other 30+ DIY bloggers, Molly has two jobs. As he is one of the best DIY craft bloggers, he also works as a freelancer. In both jobs, he offers designing. To help beginners develop, he shares his skills and experience on his blog. It is the perfect crafting blog for learning how to craft valuable handmade items. Some of the things you would learn how to craft are candlesticks, handled salad, and the likes. In a handled salad, the handle is often made with copper.

Green notebook

From small-scale projects to large-scale projects, you can learn a lot from Jenny’s blog. On her DIY blog, she went into details about the big project she did for Brooklyn brownstone. If you take time to study that project, you’re going to learn a lot. She also discussed how to go about some small-scale projects without too much preparation. If you want to craft at a fast speed, you should always create time to visit Green Notebook.

Honestly WTF

If you’re into crafting fashion and décor items, you should visit Honestly WTF. You will get the tips that will help you become better. The blog is designed simply. You will find it easy to surf the web and navigate between pages. Some guidelines and tutorials would help you to craft certain items. During your leisure time, you should practice those things. Even if you study everything on the blog, you won’t get better without regular practice.

Weekly Carnival

Unlike other blogs, the weekly carnival is focused on interiors. The weekly carnival was created by Riikka Kantinkoski. He is a brilliant designer that is specialized in crafting perfect interior finishes. At the weekly carnival, you would learn how to work with metal, concrete, and other materials that can be used to make interiors. If you take time to study everything at the weekly carnival, you can start working and earning as an interior designer.

Design Sponge

If you’re finding it difficult to carry out any DIY project, you should visit the design sponge. The blog contains a lot of information and guidelines to carry out different DIY projects. If you’re working on a common project, you can always go there for tips. On the other hand, you might not find help if you’re working on a project that people rarely carry out. As a professional artisan, you should visit Design Sponge regularly. You will get a lot of advice on how to improve your craft.

HGTV Handmade

Maria Antionette doesn’t only work as a hairstylist, she is also one of the most popular DIY craft bloggers. Even though she took DIY seriously just two years ago, she has developed a lot. From simple projects like a painting to other things, she is reliable in crafting. She also has a Facebook page where she posts her works. If you take time to study what she wrote in her blog, you will get tips to become better at crafting. Are you in need of custom woven labels, check them out here

Toolbox Divas

Since home interior repairs can cost a lot, you should try to maintain them well. On Timasha’s blog, you will get tips on how to keep your home interior in a good condition. Her website is not necessarily for people who want to craft home interiors for a living. She just posts so that everyone will become self-reliant.

The more you visit her blog, the more you won’t see any reason to call someone to repair any one of your home interiors. If you follow the step-by-step instructions well, you can even learn how to improve your home décor and blend it to your taste

Handmade Haven

Just like the other 30+ DIY bloggers, Ashley has always had a great interest in crafting. When she wasn’t able to find a dining table of her taste, she made one for herself. After making it, she had a major boost in confidence. That was what gave her the courage to continue on that path. On her site, she gives detailed guidelines on how to craft certain things. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to craft a particular item, you should check her blog. You would learn well and save more time that way.

Grillo Designs

When it comes to designing, Medina is one of the best in England. On her website, you would find a home décor to make no matter the kind of budget you have. As she discussed high budget projects, she also discussed the low budget ones.