Best Knitting Needles

Best Knitting Needles

Looking for the best knitting needles in the world? Top-quality knitting needles that meet your needs give you an exhilarating knitting experience. You enjoy every project you work on, creating exceptional garments. 

So, how do you obtain the best knitting needles in the market? Below is a guide on different types of needles and their premium selections. Whether you want a circular or single-point needle,  you can get the best knitting needle! 

Features of the Best Knitting Needles

Plastic acrylic knitting needles
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The best knitting needle should fulfill certain requirements to offer you a great knitting experience. So, what are the best knitting needles?

When selecting a knitting needle, here are the characteristics you need to assess:

    • Material
    • Type
    • Size (thickness)
    • Length

Whether you are a beginner or advanced knitter, these features will help you grab the best knitting needle set. Do you want to learn how to knit? Make your learning experience exciting by getting the best knitting needles according to your skill level, knitting project, and knitting tension.

If you like audio-visual guides, check this video to learn more about the best knitting needles.

The Best Knitting Needles: Single Point Needles

Best knitting needles
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Single point needles are the most common and oldest type of needle that usually have a knob on one end to prevent your work from slipping off. Typically, they help knit outstanding patterns like stockinette stitch and garter stitch

These types of needles are suitable for beginners because they give them control over their project when knitting, although they are not limited to this skill level. Wondering how you will take a break amid knitting with single-point needles? All you need to do is bunch your project to the end with the knob, then spread the stitches to proceed with your WIP!

While their length can be limiting, beginners tend to start learning small to medium-sized projects. For instance, they will use guides on how to knit a scarf rather than a blanket. This enhances their knitting experience since they don’t need many stitches for their projects.

So, what about material and size choice? Wooden single-point needles provide a comfortable, warm nice feel that is essential for novice knitters. They are also light, giving you an easy time if you are learning how to start knitting.

These needles offer great friction to prevent stitches from falling off; no unraveling and repeating the entire project! So, whether you are learning how to knit a hat or shawl, a needle that’s 4 to 5 mm or 6 to 8 US size will make your experience more relaxing.

Don’t forget to pick a single-point needle that’s three to four times longer than your project! 

What are the best single-point knitting needles in the market? 

    1. Clover Takumi Bamboo Single Point

Best circular knitting needles
Image source: Desertcart

Check out this video about Takumi needles.

This lightweight bamboo needle set from Clover offers you a smooth feel and look. Whether you are learning how to cast on knitting or cast off knitting, it keeps your stitches in place while allowing smooth yarn movement on the needle.

The needle is made of high-density bamboo for durability and helps loose knitters tighten their stitches. If you are an eco-minded knitter, you will enjoy this needle set as it utilizes renewable resources. 


    • Lightweight needles
    • Utilizes renewable resources
    • Helps loose knitters tighten their stitches
    • Prevents stitches from slipping off, which is helpful for beginners


    • Knitted project is heavy when using bulky yarn
    • It is sluggish for speed knitters.

      2. Susan Bates Crystalites Acrylic Knitting Needle Set

Best circular knitting needles set
Image source: Yarnspirations

This single-point needle set offers you light and fast knitting if you find bamboo needles slow. They are also perfect for flight since they raise less alarm to TSA, unlike metal needles, and make less noise. 


    • Offers light-as-air knitting experience
    • Prevents stitches from falling off
    • It’s easy to identify your size number since they are color-coded


    • They cause high friction; not suitable for tight knitters
    • They are not the best knitting needles when working with natural yarn

Best Circular Knitting Needles

Three circular knitting needles
Image source: Craftsy

What are the best type of knitting needles to use when learning how to join knitting in the round? Circular knitting needles offer enough range and incredible ergonomics that allow you to create projects in the round. 

Although knitters used them to create tube-like projects when they were fresh in the market, most of them are finding them useful for large projects. For instance, when using a guide on how to knit a blanket, they provide enough length to carry its numerous stitches.

As the best knitting needles for tube-like projects, they are commonly used by intermediate and advanced knitters. They use them for different projects and the Magic Loop technique

Beginners find it challenging to start knitting with circular needles, but with practice, it can become their favorite type of needle. If you are a speed knitter, grabbing a pair of metallic circular needles will do great. 

Are you a professional or very tight knitter looking for the best circular knitting needles set? A carbon knitting needle is an ideal choice for you. This type of needle allows you to knit fast since it has moderate friction. Below are the best circular knitting needles:

      3. ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular Knitting Needles

The best circular knitting needles
Image source: Amazon

ChiaoGoo company presents to you a top-quality circular needle made from surgical stainless steel. It’s 16 inches long and comes in US size 8, which matches the needs of numerous projects. You can knit different garments with it.

The stainless steel makes it easier to slide off stitches if you are a speed knitter; you will be impressed by how smooth you can knit! It also comes with a flexible and nylon-coated cable, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing knitting time.

ChiaoGoo Red Lace circular needle is lightweight and durable. You don’t have to worry about additional costs to replace this needle soon. It is among the best quality circular knitting needles with numerous positive reviews from knitters.


    • It’s Durable
    • It’s Lightweight; great if you have joint problems.
    • It has different size options.
    • The ChiaoGoo circular needle has a flexible cable for easy manipulation.
    • They are permanently laser-etched for easy storage and more convenience.


    • It is not suitable for beginners and tight-knitters.
    • ChiaoGoo circular needles can be disturbing to hypersensitive persons because they produce noise, unlike bamboo needles.

      4. CLOVER Takumi Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles

What are the best knitting needles
Image source: Ubuy

This CLOVER knitting needle has bamboo tips for relaxed knitting. It also comes in size 8, which is the most suitable for circular knits. The bamboo tips offer adequate friction to prevent stitches from slipping off. 

So, whether you are learning how to increase a stitch in knitting or read knitting patterns, it gives you an exciting experience. Is this needle light or heavy? The CLOVER Takumi Bamboo needle weighs 0.3 ounces, giving you a stress-free knitting experience. 


    • It’s lightweight, giving you an easy knitting experience.
    • It has bamboo tips that prevent stitches from falling off.
    • This CLOVER needle offers you other size options.


    • If you are a speed knitter, it may feel sluggish.
    • It can be quite expensive if you are shipping.

So, if you are learning how to cast off knitting and can’t figure out how to keep stitches in place, you can grab this circular bamboo needle. It will help you master the skill fast!

The Best Knitting Needle Sets; Double Pointed Needles

DPNs offer you an exclusive option to slide in and out on either side of the needle. They are essential for circular knitting and the two-color brioche stitch. They are usually used in knitting projects like hats or socks.

This type of needle uses an advanced knitting technique that proves difficult for beginners. So, if you are a novice knitter, you may want to spend substantial time learning how to change colors in knitting using single-point or circular needles before progressing to DPN.

The DPNs are normally short, ranging between 10 to 20 cm, making it easy for stitches to slide off. So, how can you prevent this? You can acquire a special DPN known as the cable needle to help you hold stitches temporarily when knitting cable patterns.

To learn more about DPNs, watch this video.

What are the best knitting needles to buy?

    1. RELIAN Double Pointed Knitting Needles, 75 Pcs Bamboo Knitting Needles Set

The best knitting needles
Image source: Ebay

This DPNs set features carbonized bamboo that is smooth and has no splinters or snags. It helps you knit softer work than when using metallic needles. The material is also durable, serving you in the long run!

It comes in 15 sizes; 75 pieces of knitting needles with four needlepoint protectors. So, whether learning how to pick up stitches in knitting or working on your first socks project, you can pick the size that suits you best.

If you don’t like heavy needles, this is your to-go DPN set because it is lightweight. You can make your socks, mittens, gloves, or hats without overwhelming your arms and fingers with excessive weight!


    • They are durable
    • They are ideal for circular knitting
    • They are lightweight, giving you an easy knitting experience.
    • They come in different sizes, 2.0mm to
    • All sizes are labeled; you can easily pick one that suits your next project


    • They are not suitable for speed knitters
    • They are not great for beginners
    • Stitches can easily slide off from the RELIAN DPN.

      2. Knitter’s Pride Knitting Needles Zing DPN 

Best quality knitting needles to buy
Image source: Amazon

The Knitter’s Pride Knitting Needles Zing comes in one set of five DPNs size 2mm. It has perfect points for easy manipulation of yarn, making it ideal for numerous projects. 

The needles are made from grade lightweight metal and are exceptionally smooth for easy movement of stitches. They also have laser-printed sizes for easy identification. With this needle set, you get to enjoy Artsiga Crafts locking stitch markers.


    • They are the best knitting needles for speed knitters.
    • They are durable
    • They are lightweight


    • They can be expensive when shipping
    • They are not suitable for novice knitters

Needle type 

Best knitting needle

Single point knitting needle

    • Susan Bates Crystalites Acrylic Knitting Needle Set
    • Clover Takumi Bamboo Single Point

Circular knitting needle

    • CLOVER Takumi Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles
    • ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular Knitting Needles


    • RELIAN Double Pointed Knitting Needles, 75 Pcs Bamboo Knitting Needles Set
    • Knitter’s Pride Knitting Needles Zing DPN

Tips for Choosing the Best Knitting Needles

There is no doubt that more needles are coming into the market each day. Some of them offering enormous benefits than the existing ones. So, how do you identify the best knitting needles? Below are few factors to guide you:

    1. Comfort

Knitting circular needles
Image source: Wikihow

How comfortable do you feel when knitting with wood or metal needles? 

Do you like the light bamboo, or do you prefer metal which is a bit heavy? 

Do you enjoy a silent knitting experience with plastic needles or prefer using metals that make a little noise?

What another knitter finds great for them may not work for you. As such, you need to identify what enhances your knitting experience depending on your preferences. 

Ensure the cable you select can swivel as you knit for easy knitting because if you take one with a kink, you will need to use extra effort. This can be frustrating and tiresome, inhibiting you from making the best-knitted garment.

Some knitters are allergic to certain materials. Using knitting needles that incorporate them may affect their health. For instance, if you notice you are allergic to nickel, it is essential you assess the joining material of a circular needle before purchasing it.

      2. Quality

Getting the best quality knitting needles makes your knitting easier. Whether you want to learn how to count rows in knitting or try out new knitting patterns, they create an exciting experience for you!

So, what should you evaluate to ensure you buy high-quality knitting needles? Start by checking the needles’ tips whether they are sharp enough for easy yarn movement. Then evaluate the joins if you are purchasing circular knitting needles.

The joins (where the cord meets each needle) need to be smooth for easy knitting. If they are not smooth, you will have to bear much snagging, which may tamper with your project’s quality. 

With high-quality knitting needles, you will have a great knitting experience, and it will serve you in the long run, saving you money. You can also complement your knitted garments with woven labels and care labels to appeal to your clients!

      3. Knitting Style

Estonian lace
Image source: Pinterest

Different styles of knitting demand specific features, for instance, lace knitting is detailed, and without lace tips (needles with sharp tips), you may find it challenging. So, when choosing the best needle in the market, keep this in mind!

Some knitting needles will work great for one knitting style; in this case, you may be in a dilemma which to pick. For instance, circular knitting needles and DPNs perform well in circular knitting. 

To select the best knitting needle for knitting in the round, check whether it matches your comfort and quality needs. Then, when you complete your garment, you can leave it intact by following this guide on how to weave in ends knitting.

Tips for choosing the best knitting needle

What to consider

Knitting style

    • Type of needle
    • Comfort
    • Quality of needle


    • Allergy
    • Distribution of the project’s weight
    • Cable ergonomics
    • Weight


    • Needle tip smoothness
    • Material
    • Long-term service


With the best knitting needles, you can make stunning knitted garments that will attract numerous customers. To get premium knitting needles, view different brands and assess whether they can offer you comfort, long-term service, and meet your knitting style needs.

If you visit online shops, try to find other alternatives to a specific needle and its features. This will help you acquire the best!